Pick Your Galaxy Note 8 Ideal Theme

The big screen that fits in your hand and that Infinity Display are both great, yet Galaxy Note8 is more than that. It is a bold phablet ready to make a statement and all elements share a similar story. The innovation of the Galaxy Note8 design makes possible the 6.3″ Infinity Display. It’s the biggest ever for a Galaxy Note, but despite of that, it still fits comfortably in your hand thanks to the symmetric curves and 18.5:9 aspect that come together for a narrow body.

Even more, on the exterior, the Galaxy Note8 delivers a very familiar design that we’ve gotten used to from Samsung over the last couple of years. Glass is the main material of choice, but this time the body is much more square and angular than on previous models. Even the dual curved display is less pronounced, but there is something that we must all agree on.

Android devices look quite similar on the outside, which is why we tend to spend so long customizing them on the inside. And that’s exactly what you should do for your Note8 phablet.

A plain theme is not a problem for most users, but I personally like to customize it for my phone. If you feel the same, you must know the fact that for the past few flagships, Samsung has built in its Theme service that allows owners to change up the overall software look of their Galaxy devices.

How to Pick Your Galaxy Note 8 Ideal Theme:

  1. Find your way into Settings;
  2. Then, go in the Display portion;
  3. Go into the Wall Papers and Themes section;
  4. You must finally tap on Samsung Themes. Here, you’ll find everything that you might be looking for. And you must know that most options are free and only some of them can cost no more than a few dollars.

If you run out of ideas and want something fresh and exciting for the Galaxy Note8, some great theme options cross my mind and they go pretty well with the phone. The Material Dark UI one is an amazing choice. This comes as a Material theme, with a lot of purple and green. As for the Settings menu, with all of the icons getting touched up to suit the theme, I can only add that it’s better than anticipated.

Isn’t this your option? I can assure you of the fact that there’s a home screen for everyone, so keep on looking for more options. From the way it looks to the way it works, your Note 8 should be truly your own.

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