Use Galaxy S9 Volume Keys for Media by Default

In stock Android Oreo and previous versions, the volume rockers change ringer volume by default unless audio is currently playing. If you want to adjust media volume when media isn’t playing, you must tap the down arrow next to the ringer volume slider that appears at the top of the screen to see the option, but it seems that Android 9.0 Pie has decided to come with a different approach this time.

Owners of handsets running the Android Pie version definitely know what I am talking about: when you hit either the volume up or volume down button on the side of your device, you’ll see the volume box pop up on the right side of the screen and Media will be the sound that adjusts with the presses. You may tap on the note symbol to mute or unmute, or you can tap on the arrows icon to switch your Bluetooth output.

Depending on how you use your Galaxy S9 handset (that’s the hansdet that we’ll focus our attention this time), the feature that I am talking about could be a real blessing. If you’re used to spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and listening to music, instant access to media volume is indeed ideal. However, if you are used to get a significant amount of phone calls, you might rather prefer ringer volume first like it was before, so choose carefully what suits you better.

One case or another, it’s definitely a great change for the handset! Here’s how to get there on your own Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone:

How to Use Galaxy S9 Volume Keys for Media by Default:

  1. First of all, you have to enter into Settings;
  2. Go to Sounds and Vibrations settings;
  3. From there, you must enable the switch next to the “Use volume keys for media” setting.

Have you done that already? In such a case, be sure that you’ll get a little piece of Pie on your Oreo device right away. And if you ever change your mind, the same steps are waiting for you, with a little change in the end, of course!

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