The ZonedIn App has it all for Beginners and Pros Alike

Don’t you know where to skateboard in your city or maybe you’re just getting started and don’t necessarily want everyone to see you learning the ropes, so you need a secret place for that? Do you dream to join a skate group, make friends with some skaters and start tagging along on rides? The world is your skate park, so are you looking for fresh skate tricks? Whether you are a beginner amateur or a pro, the ZonedIn App has it all.

Yes, ZonedIn will surprise you. This app is more than a social community app where you can meet, communicate, and show off your skills. It is much more than that. You begin by creating a profile and adding your skateboarding videos. Other members follow the same procedure, but there also some pro members here who regularly share instructional videos taking you through the process one step at a time. It also comes with 600+ instructional videos that will actually teach you some exciting skateboarding skills, just as you’ve wanted from the start.

The developers have added a gamification layer to the app where as you progress through the app, new tricks and videos are unlocked for you. Why should you participate? Apart from this amazingly involved community, you get prizes in the form of cash and gears for your efforts. And you can actually buy ZonedIn gear right in the app with the app’s new built in shop, so you get that things reached to that level where you truly get the very best.

ZonedIn is free to use and there are no ads but it comes with in-app purchases for buying gears, unlocking new content directly and so on With such an app, you always have all the spots and skateparks in your pocket! So, grab ZonedIn Skate from here.

And if you are stressed out about your location, remember that having a lot of space to skateboard is great, but you don’t actually need that to do most tricks. If you do live somewhere rural or with particularly active police (have I guessed your mind?), start thinking that it is up to you to make friends with some skaters and have fun, despite of the limited location.

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