Enjoy a personalized look for your Android Device with MyAndroid quiz

Getting wallpapers on your Android phone is not a difficult task, yet finding the ideal icon pack and wallpaper can take time. This is something that we feel like having less and less these days, so let me tell you that you have the chance to enjoy a personalized look for your Android device with MyAndroid quiz.

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Well, Google is the one looking to make landing on the perfect home screen for its users even easier with the help of this special MyAndroid quiz. You should have the chance to craft your home screen just the way you want it, learn that different icons can complement your wallpaper and that widgets are the best way to see the stuff you want to see.

The idea is that this is an opportunity to customize your icons, UI and everything else, with the launcher of your choice and getting there isn’t at all complicated.

By answering a series of A – B questions, Google provides a home screen perfect for your needs in just a few minutes, without you having to do anything else for it. You just have to make a choice between different color schemes, pattern styles, animated or static looks and then, the quiz offers three tailored options to your answers, ready to be downloaded directly for free.

MyAndroid quiz is waiting for you here.

Have you tried this out? If yes, don’t hesitate to let me know if you like it and if Google figured out what you are looking for. And remember that you can always customize your phone even further, since this is just the beginning.

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