How to Use Galaxy Note 8 Block Accidental Touches Feature

Buyers of the Galaxy Note 7 and 2015’s Galaxy Note 5 must agree that Note8 is the very “best” Note phone you could buy. I totally agree with the fact that this is the most feature-rich Android phone of the momenet, but before you make that decision, I am sure that you’ll want to do your research, and that’s why here you can find various guides with all of the information you need to know about this phablet.

This includes both the greatest and the worst aspects, so who hasn’t dialed a call or found that their phone’s screen was on while being inside the bag? There’s now a way to prevent this on the Note8.

The Note8 device has a feature called Block Accidental Touches that can stop this by keeping the phone asleep and its screen inactive when it’s the case. To tell you the truth, Block accidental touches (formerly known as Keep screen turned off) is a feature on Samsung devices allowing them to recognize when they’re inside a pocket or a bag, and shouldn’t be turning on in the event of an accidental button press and I am glad to also find it on the latest Galaxy Note8.

For that, you must find your way into Settings, pick Display and then tap on Block accidental touches. What can be easier than that?

And since we are at this chapter, let me tell you that there are also apps which can do wonders about this problem. No more accidentally touching is an ideal example since it comes as a special application that can prevent the tap error due to how you are used to hold the device. An app to prevent such a mis-taps or mis-touch is always needed, so waste no more time. Give it a try from this direct link if you are curious and let me know if your previous problems are gone for good.

The Block Accidental Touches Feature and this app – they both work flawless, so enjoy them!

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