How to Turn your Android Device into a Portable Blacklight

Do you know that your dreams of becoming a criminal investigator  can become true with the help of your Android device? I am saying that as long as you can scan for clues using your smartphone as a blacklight.

As many of you know, a black light is a dark purple looking light which emits the ultraviolet (UV) range of the spectrum, which is, of course, invisible to the human eye.

Under a UV light, these white clothes and fluorescent colors glow in the dark and end up emitting some sort of a bright glow. There is no mystery that there is no such a smartphone capable of emitting UV light at the moment, but a few steps will do the trick better than you might imagine!

Yes, I can assure you of the fact that you can mimic the effect of a black light with the help of your phone’s LED flash, along a few markers, and some transparent tape. To be more precise, you have to prepare:

  • Your Android smartphone with LED flash (note that the guide can also be applied on tablets with built-in flashes);
  • Blue and purple markers;
  • Some transparent tape;
  • Highlighter;
  • No less important, white paper.

Now, you are ready for the actual operation! Here’s what you have to do:

How to Turn your Android Device into a Portable Blacklight:

  1. To get started, cut a small piece of tape;
  2. Then, fold it over, leaving a flap so that the tape may easily be removed from your device;
  3. Place a small piece of tape over the LED flash on the back of your Android smartphone or tablet;
  4. Color on top of the tape with blue marker so that it covers the flash;
  5. Place another piece of tape over top of the flash;
  6. Paint over the flash with the Blue marker;
  7. Place a third piece of tape over the flash;
  8. Now, you must color over the flash by using the Purple marker;
  9. On a piece of white paper, write or draw anything down with the highlighter;
  10. Then, it’s time to turn on your device’s flashlight feature in a dark room and shine the purple/blue tinted light at it;
  11. The drawing or the writing will definitely have a prominent look in complete darkness.

Well, it’s true that this doesn’t actually work as well a commercial LED black light, but admit it that’s it’s fun and useful too! You never know when you might be in the situation of spotting interesting rocks or some fluorescent artwork or when you might want to freak out people with “ghostly” messages.

Just give it a try and let me know if and how it works! The comments area is waiting for you!

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