How to Solve Galaxy S7 Edge Overheating Issues

Just because your new Galaxy S7 Edge is a great smartphone, it doesn’t actually mean that you will have a flawless experience with it. Even when it comes to a high end device such as yours, there are always glitches and small issues, but you know what I did these last few weeks.

I am no stranger to the most common Galaxy S7 Edge errors and here I am, doing my best to soothe your pain with tips, trick and solutions for every single problem that you might be experiencing.

Overheating is one of the common errors that are faced by the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users. Most of them blame the battery for that, but let me assure you that there are actually various reasons that contribute to this problem such as software errors, SD card , as well as faults in the apps.

But you also know that overheating reduces the battery life and damages your phone, so here are some solutions:

How to Solve Galaxy S7 Edge Overheating Issues:

  • If the problem happens only when you charge your phone, then my advice is not to use it during charging process. You should also disable fast charging feature by entering into Settings, tapping on Battery and then disabling the Fast Charging option;
  • You can also put your smartphone into the Airplane mode while charging. This happens as long as the phone is in use continuously, searching Wi-Fi signals or networks, so see if things are any better if you do that;
  • Don’t hesitate to update all the apps by going to Google play store as a single application that has not been updated can create this error. So update all the apps, which show a message ready to update. After doing that, there are still some chances to find a few apps showing as not updated even though you did that, so delete them as definitely something wrong;
  • A faulty SD-card might also be the cause of this problem, so format the SD-card and then insert it in your phone to see if the error persists;
  • You should also try to wipe out cache partition. For that, turn off your phone first and then, press and hold Power button, Home button and Volume Up button in the same time in order to enter Android Recovery Mode. Use the Volume Up and Volume Down button to navigate between the available options and choose “Wipe Cache Partition” by using the Power button. Up next, simply select “Reboot System Now“;
  • You should also check the bloatware and background processes in your Galaxy S7 Edge as sometimes it is the software to be blamed for such overheating issue and not the battery. In case the high number of background processes keeps running in the background continuously, then overheating should not come as a surprise. Then, find bloatware apps and disable them and stop background processes;
  • If the problems with the phone seems to be software-related ones,  in such a case, the OTA updates can fix your Galaxy S7 Edge overheating issue;
  • Water damage can also create this overheating issue. If this is your case too, the service center is your only solution at the moment.

Even more, if the problem is unsolved even after trying out these tips, if you simply don’t notice any change, then it might be a hardware problem. Don’t hesitate to contact your service provider and ask for a replacement.

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