How to Solve Galaxy S6 Charging Problems

The new Galaxy S6 has managed to surprise us in several respects, we cannot deny that, but we must tell you from the start that we were disappointed about something. In its effort to get the phone as thinner than ever, Samsung left behind the idea of a big battery. In fact, it is even smaller than the one offered by its Galaxy S5 handset, so forget all about an amazing battery life.

Without some tips and trick on this matter, there is no chance to get it. We don’t want get too deep into the tech aspect, especially as long as we are here to talk about a different problem, which is only related to this one. As if it is not enough to see Samsung’s Galaxy S6 down in less than a day, even if you’re only texting and talking, we have also heard some users complaining about charging problems.

Are you one of them as well? Don’t be worried! This isn’t an uncommon problem on Android smartphones, but on the contrary, it has been a major issue through several iterations of the Android operating system. There are several fixes to try out in such a case and here we have a selection of the most successful ones:

How to Solve Galaxy S6 Charging Problems:

Verify the charger
First of all you must, make sure the device is charging on the original charger (the one that came with the Galaxy S6). This charger cable could be easily damaged or cold loose the proper connection to charge the Galaxy S6. Before hurrying up to purchase a new cable, simply use a charger with the same voltage rating as the Samsung Galaxy S6 charger for a test. If the other USB cable charges the Galaxy S6, only then you should really think about getting a new Galaxy cable charger.

Uninstall the third party apps
Do you know that the charging problems could take place due to the software bugs? In such a case, delete all the third party apps that you have installed in your Samsung Galaxy S6. In order to do so, you need to go to the safe mode and only after that you can uninstall the third party app which is actually creating the charging issue.

  1. First turn off your phone;
  2. After that, just hold the power key until you see ‘Samsung Galaxy S6’ on the screen;
  3. Press the Volume down button then and your phone will successfully restart;
  4. When you see the ‘Safe mode’ message on the screen, it’s time to release the Volume button;
  5. You can uninstall the third party apps from here by going to Menu > Settings > More > application manager downloaded and select the app that you want to delete;
  6. Then, simply press uninstall and the app will be removed from your phone;
  7. Turn off the safe mode by long pressing the Home button > restart > OK.

Try cleaning the USB Port
Could there be something blocking the connection to the smartphone? It could be dirt or lint that stops the connection, so don’t hesitate to take a needle or paper click and move it around in the USB charging port to get everything out. This is actually one of the most common things that make your Samsung Galaxy S6 not to charge properly, so clean the USB Port, but do it gently.

Close all the background applications
There are cases when too many apps opened in the background and all are running while you have kept your phone in charging. This could slow down or even interrupt the process of charging, so feel free to close all the background apps to speed up the charging process. That’s how you can do it:

  1. Press the Home button for few seconds and release it as you can see the pps screen;
  2. Then, choose End all applications in the Task manager;
  3. You will see a ‘RAM’ option at the top in the same screen; select it and clear memory.

Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy S6
Many times the reason that the Galaxy S6 not charging is because the software needs a hard reset. This ultimate solution usually works, so don’t hesitate to read the detailed guide that we have here.

Have you managed to solve the problem?

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