How to Find a Facebook Ad You Clicked On

You might think that you are never going to need Facebook’s ads, but you probably do get seduced every once in a while by a certain type of ad. Because ads aren’t always permanently available anywhere, it can be impossible to find a Facebook ad that led somewhere you want to revisit. Now Facebook has a solution called Recent Ad Activity for when click an ad and want to see it again.

It’s clear that some of you might need such a feature, just as pages that advertise on Facebook love it the most since it technically gives their ads a dedicated place inside a user’s feed. More importantly, the user is more likely to make a purchase having already shown interest in the product once.

Bottom line, Recent Ad Activity could let people click through an old ad and make a new purchase or take another action that should have been done a long time ago, so feel free to enjoy it. You know what is the best for you.

How to Find a Facebook Ad You Clicked On:

  1. Open the Facebook app;
  2. Then, you need to tap the more tab;
  3. Scroll down and look for the Recent Ad Activity option;
  4. Tap Recent Ad Activity and like that, you’ll get a feed dedicated to all the ads you ever clicked/tapped on;
  5. You will be surprised to see that the ad activity goes as far back as three months at least. Fortunately, the three-month window seems to be more than enough for most of us and I can only hope that you agree with me on that. Remember that ads you actually visit count and appear under Recent Ad Activity, if you browse the image drawer in an ad, it won’t count as you interacting with an ad.

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