Zalls and Its Collection of Elegant Wallpapers

One of the most amazing things about Android is its infinite customizability as you can do almost everything you have in mind. One part of the customization is given by the background wallpapers and yes, picking the right one allows you to achieve your desired look. Are you thinking of some new wallpapers to beautify your home screen? Zalls may not be as popular as other options, but you don’t even know what it is waiting for you this time.

Originally the name “Zallpaper” was chosen for the application, but “Zallpaper” name got the developers nowhere in the Google Play Store search, so they decided to rename the app to “Zalls”. It’s actually easier to remember it this way and I am sure that you will like what it has to offer.

Zalls is a collection of high resolution and elegant wallpapers and I am not only talking about a few choices, but the app itself offers up a ton of wallpaper options in a variety of categories and, of course, you can search for them as well. The generous selection of handpicked wallpapers is a major advantage, just as the fact that you can quickly apply wallpapers with a single tap.

Zalls is surprising as you can either directly apply the wallpapers on your home screen via a single tap (the option that I already told you about) or save them in your phone’s storage for later use.

And don’t leave aside the minimal user experience that gets the job done without any sort of difficulty. If you don’t trust me, you have to try the app on your own!

Even more, keep in mind that it is regularly updated with beautiful and hand-picked wallpapers, so be sure of the fact that you will never run out of options.

Zalls can be taken from here.

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