Android action game: Become the Tower Slash Champion

Tower Slash is an Android action game designed on the pixel art foundation. Of course, the game is not endless, but it is really difficult even for those who are used to everything and that’s why it is actually so successful. Tower Slash is an action pixelart game that uses challenging swipe mechanics.

In a retro style environment, you must take the challenge of climbing the Everlasting Tower. Well, things are not at all easy as long as only a special kind of runner, fast enough to break the chains of gravity, can climb it. And even if you are like them, I have to give you the bad news that it is not enough this time!

You basically have to confront other tower runners and besides that, there are so many monstrous creatures that roam the skies that you have to deal with!

That is why it is said that only players with sharp minds can play this game. This seems like a challenge, right? Can you also be one of them? The game feels like mental training.

The Tower Slash game features its unique swipe to match arrows control, unlockable characters, special abilities, level ups and more. And despite of the fact that it actually is an Android game of action genre, this game also has pieces from puzzle games, making it more interesting than ever. The ultimate goal is to reach the top of the tower and become the Tower Slash champion.

This game has great mechanics and gameplay, you won’t get bored not even for a second, so what are you waiting for If you also think that you have the necessary skills to beat your friends scores and become the ultimate tower slash champion, the game is waiting for you too!

Feel free to grab Tower Slash from here.

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