How to Fix Adware from Latest Xender Update

Xender is one of those file sharing apps that become a part of my Android life and only now I realized how much I actually use it. I am not talking about a recent discovery, but it has been there for years and years that I even lost track and you probably agree with me as well.

It all has to do with the fact that it lets you transfer files with an impressive speed, that you can easily share all kinds of files without restrictions, there are no cables, no internet, no data usage required, that it supports cross platform transferring or that you can move mobile data like contacts, pictures, music, videos, games and any other files from your old phone to the new one in one simple step, that you can view, move or delete files you received, to make a backup copy whenever it’s time for that, that it lets you smoothly share photos to your friends by sliding and the list can continue.

You get the point: Xender seems to have it all and I struggle to find something to complain about. However, there is something about the most recent update that changes things and not in a good way this time.

I am talking about the fact that it comes with an adware that gets activated every time you want to charge your Android handset. It acts as a lockscreen over the existing lockscreen and it is more than annoying, that’s for sure! It takes up the whole screen and claims to do the impossible: to boost charging speed by 20%.

Don’t be fooled by that cause it’s not true at all. It only annoys you with ads and things are as serious as they can be. Ads placed here take up the lower half of the screen and in order to get to the actual lockscreen you’ll have to swipe right. Since ads take up most of that area, there are big chances to end up tapping on that ad and to be taken to a webpage.

So, how to fix the adware from the latest Xender update? Let me tell you that the lockscreen has a settings button on the top from where you can disable it. This works on Xender and even more, I can guarantee you that ES explorer has a special option to turn the lockscreen off in app settings.

But if this does not work for you, you should go over apps permissions and deny it permission to draw over other apps. If nothing seems to work for you, then there is only one thing that you can do: I am sure that you like it, but these ads crossed the line, so uninstall the app and start looking for an alternative.

I know that the ads problem is not a new one, so let me present you more guides that can help you: for example, you can Find out if An App Shows Ads or Not even before taking it on your device, you have the chance to Limit Unwanted Ads with Android AdAway from F-Droid or take all the measures to Block Ads on Android devices.

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