How to Disable Flipboard Briefing on Galaxy S7 Edge

If you like to get your news delivered to you this way, the feature known as Flopboard Briefing can help you. However, don’t get me wrong, but I have a strong feeling that you have other preferences and here I am to help you with that.

If you don’t want to use the Flipboard Briefing, you will end up feeling it like a burden and the inevitable might happen. The truth is that it’s very easy to swipe to it by mistake, which usually creates a second of delay while the phone loads the headlines up. There are also repeated battery life problems and even more, it seems that the Briefing panel may cause the phone to lag from time to time, due to its habit of taking up resources to download news.

Hiding the panel on the Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge was not at all hard and the process of turning off Briefing is extremely simple on Galaxy S7 Edge as well. Here I am to show you how to turn off Briefing and reclaim that home screen space that is actually yours.

In order to turn off Briefing entirely, access your home screen settings by pinching out or long-pressing a blank space on the main home screen. You’ll see a zoomed-out version of the home screens with some settings options — skip those and just swipe the home screen to the right in order to reveal Briefing. Tap the toggle button to disable the page and you’ll see your wish coming true and the page fading out — yes, Briefing will be completely turned off.

With it off, you can press the home button and go back to the exact same home screen setup you had before, sans Briefing, or you can add an empty page where Briefing once was.

In any case, now you don’t have to see Briefing loading and waiting for you when you’ll never intentionally go to it!

If you have any questions or encounter any problems when you try to disable Flipboard briefing on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, please tell me all your problems in the comment box below.

And as you can see, Samsung wants to make flipboard briefing on Galaxy S7 Edge a personalized magazine so that you can get news from around the web according to your interests. If you like Flipboard, my advice is to think twice and realize that there are other apps giving you more than that. For example, you can grab Flipboard: Your News Magazine by using this link. Trust me when I say that this app does everything you can do with the Briefing page and even more than that, but it won’t sit on your home page, won’t cause any lags and will not drain the battery life either.

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