Learn to Turn On Ghost Mode on Android Snapchat

There is no secret that Snapchat recently updated their Android app with an exciting feature called Snap Map. This one gives you the opportunity to share your current location with other Snapchatters, as well as see their current locations. It may sound like an interesting new feature, but do you also see the danger in that and the lack of privacy in these times when you might want some time for yourself?

In order to access Snap Map, you must simply pinch your screen with two fingers while in the default camera view. From here, you’ll be shown a map of the world, displaying Snap stories in large circles with accompanying location descriptions. And if you’ve given Snap Map access to your location, the idea is that simply opening the Snapchat app will allow your exact spot on the map to appear. If you use Snapchat at all times, this might be ideal for those with stalker tendencies and you might feel a little overwlemed.

This has been a hot topic for Snapchat users, so be sure that you are not the only one worried. There are actually plenty of people wondering how to keep their location private from their Snapchat friends and be sure that here is a way to do that.

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Snapchat thought of this possibility too, so it included something known as Ghost Mode. If you choose to enable it, this means that you’re limiting your location on the map to be seen by only you and nobody else. You’ll still have the chance to access the Snap Map and see the location of your Snapchat friends if they have Ghost Mode turned off.

In other words, to keep your location private from your friends you will have to turn on Ghost Mode.

Learn to Turn On Ghost Mode on Android Snapchat:

  1. You must update to the newest version of Snapchat (version; this is the version that includes the Snap Map feature;
  2. Go to your camera screen, pinch the screen or do a zoom out finger motion on the screen and the Snap Map will open;
  3. Since this is your first time accessing it, you’ll be prompted to choose your preferences;
  4. If you haven’t already given Snapchat access to your location data, then you’ll be prompted to do so before continuing;
  5. If you don’t want to share your location with all of your friends, but don’t mind if your very best friends or family members know your location, choose Select Friends to select exactly which friends can see where you are;
  6. Just hit Next until you see the choice for who can see your location on the Snap Map;
  7. Choose Only Me (Ghost Mode);
  8. Then, hit Next;
  9. After that, tap Finish to keep the changes.

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