How to Remove LG G5 Bloatware

You don’t see every day a smartphone which has three cameras and a slide-out accessory port, so LG G5 is indeed one of a kind. However, that trend of suffocating the new phones with more and more bloat apps seems to be growing among all major manufacturers and this device is just another example of what I don’t like to find.

I have to admit that I simply love apps and keep looking for interesting ones almost every day, but this has nothing to do with the apps imposed by OEMs. The LG G5 has way too much bloatware and my opinion is that tolerating many of those useless apps in the app drawer feels nothing more than irritating. If you own the new LG G5 too, I bet that you are also wondering about a safe way to remove the system apps (also known as bloatware) from the OEM.

After all, this is a necessary thing to do as soon as possible. The handset might be equipped with no less than 32GB of internal storage, but the user accessible space is less, as it is used for the Android OS and the pre-installed apps, and over time the free space will decrease and start causing errors and reducing the battery life (and the phone battery capacity is of only 2800 mAh, keep that in mind). We all know that some bloatware apps have a background process that eats the CPU and RAM resources, and drain the juice from the battery and it’s pointless to accept that.

And things are even worst if you get the device from wireless carriers. All those AT&T apps, T-Mobile TV, Verizon Navigator, DirecTV, Yellow Pages, Uber, Lookout Security might never be used, so don’t let them waste your space any longer, especially as long as you have the option to remove the bloatware apps from LG G5, even without root access.

To disable bloatware apps on LG G5, you can choose to clean up the homescreen, app tray, and let only the apps that you actually need or intend to use. Pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped Settings button, then navigate to General > Apps  and select any of the apps mentioned above and tap “Disable”. This will uninstall the latest version and then hide the app.

Anyway, not all apps have the option to be disabled, but things are better with this smartphone. There is a simple method to remove or disable bloatware from LG G5 by using a Debloater desktop app developed by an XDA member known as @Gatesjunior. Here’s what you must do:

  1. First of all, set up the USB drivers for LG G5;
  2. Connect the device to the computer with the help of the USB cord;
  3. Download the Debloater desktop app from here;
  4. Run the Debloater app on your PC;
  5. Then, take a look at Phone State;
  6. Press the “Read Phone Package” button;
  7. Now, you must only start choosing the apps you want to remove.

As for the rooted users, they can also use Titanium Backup app to freeze the desired apps. For that, use this guide on how to Freeze an App with Titanium Backup.

So, I am not at all surprised to see all this bloatware in Samsun’s Galaxy S7, in LG’s latest G5, or in whatever phone comes next. Things have been like that for years, but you can put that to an end in only a few minutes!

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