How to Enable System-wide Round Icon Support on OnePlus 3

I am back with fresh news for OnePlus 3 owners all over the world! The XDA Senior Member helandortega has posted a tutorial showing you how to enable system-wide round icon support on this device and I know that you’ve been waiting for that for such a long time. I am not the only one dreaming of those beautiful Pixel’s round icons, but since you can now have the very same thing on your OnePlus 3, things are about to get much better.

At the moment, I think of the original Nova launcher and Action Launcher 3 which support round icons even if your device doesn’t, so the point is that can just install any of these launchers and the situation would change in a flash. However, this changes the icons on the launcher just like an icon pack does. If you want even more – such as a system-wide support for round icons on your OnePlus 3, then this procedure is perfect for you.

However, you must first apply these steps and only then you are ready for the actual tutorial:

Preparatory steps:

  • Take a full nandroid backup of your OnePlus 3 and avoid being in that situation where all your data is gone for good;
  • You need Pixel Launcher, or any other launcher that currently supports round icons;
  • By doing this, you will be modifying the framework-res file on your device, so make sure your device is rooted before you attempt this mod;
  • A file explorer with root level capabilities is required and this time I will go for the popular ES File Explorer. If you have any other choice, be my guest to use that one;
  • You also need OxygenOS Open beta 3, which is based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat or any custom ROM based on the latest Android version.

How to Enable System-wide Round Icon Support on OnePlus 3:

  1. Grab the modified framework-res.apk from here;
  2. Take Root Explorer from here;
  3. Open your file explorer;
  4. Then, pull the menu drawer now by swiping from the left edge of the screen;
  5. Scroll down to Tools>Root Explorer and toggle it on;
  6. Allow the permissions if required;
  7. Tap on Root Explorer and select Mount R/W and then mount the system as Read/Write;
  8. Copy the downloaded framework-res.apk;
  9. Go to /system/framework/;
  10. The folder already contains a framework-res.apk;
  11. Paste the framework-res.apk that you have copied before and replace the original. Your smartphone will instantly restart;
  12. When your device restarts, go to Settings>Apps>Pixel Launcher and clear the app data entirely;
  13. Now, just press the home button and you should be greeted with those Pixel-styled icons that you have been dreaming of for a while.

You know that almost anything is possible in the Android world, right? So, I can only encourage you to keep exploring!

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