Enable Double Tap to Sleep on Galaxy S7

LG was the company that made the Double Tap to Wake and Double Tap to Sleep features so popular. It’s true that they call this Knock On and Knock Off, but the story is unchanged: the smartphone practically detects a succession of touches when the display is on or off. However, there are so many smartphones from bug manufacturers that cannot do the Double Tap to Wake feature because to do so, it would mean they must keep the screen/digitizer on the whole time.

At the same time, it seems that OEMs fuse these two parts together in order to make the device as thin as possible and this becomes a problem too. Let’s just say that the screen and the digitize act as one and can only be on or off.

If it is on, then the battery has big issues, but LG is the company that successfully keeps these separate so they are able to only keep the digitizer on. This reduces the battery drain and also allows the phone detect if you are tapping the screen even when it is off.

Sadly, Samsung has not offered this feature. Instead, it decided to come up with that in Always on Display feature on its Galaxy S7, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot easily enable the double tap to sleep feature. Yes, even if you cannot enable the Double Tap to Wake feature on your Galaxy S7 Edge, you may enable the opposite, the Double Tap to Sleep feature and here I am to guide you:

How to Enable Double Tap to Sleep on your Galaxy S7:

  1. First of all, you need to use custom launcher such as Nova Launcher; take it from here right away;
  2. You must also use Launcher Prime, a paid app which provides access to a few premium features including gesture; grab the app from here;
  3. Launch the Settings Application on the Galaxy S7;
  4. Scroll Down and tap on Applications;
  5. Go to Home Screen option;
  6. Tap the Nova Launcher option to make it the default launcher;
  7. Go back by press Home button;
  8. On the empty spot on home screen, tap and hold on it;
  9. Then tap the Settings Option;
  10. Now, you have to tap on the Gestures & Inputs option;
  11. Find the Double Tap option and tap on it;
  12. You must also find and tap the Screen Lock option;
  13. Go back by pressing the Home button;
  14. Whole being on the home screen, double tap an empty spot;
  15. At the bottom right there is an Enable button; tap it right away;
  16. Lastly, just tap the Activate button from the bottom right of the screen.

If you also know of any other free custom launcher or any other standalone 3rd-party application that can enable Double Tap to Sleep on this Galaxy S7 smartphone, then don’t keep it all to yourself. Share it to the world via the comments section below or tell me in the contact form more about it.

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