How to Enable Double Tap to Sleep on Galaxy S7 Edge

Double Tap to Sleep and Double Tap to Wake are features of Android smartphones that become popular since they were first applied on one of LG’s devices. They essentially allow the phone to recognize the repetition of touches, where in this case double tap on the screen will turn the phone to sleep or wake.

Can you enjoy this on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Samsung might have focused all its attention towards its Always on Display feature on this Galaxy S7 Edge, but the Double Tap to Sleep is not out of the question either.

It’s possible to experience this feature on the phone with a free custom launcher, or even with just a single 3rd-party application, but today I will present you the procedure with an application called Nova Launcher. You must know from the start that in order to enable this feature with Nova Launcher, you’ll need to pay for Nova Launcher Prime to unlock the premium features that you are interested on – gestures.

How to Enable Double Tap to Sleep on Galaxy S7 Edge:

  1. Download the Nova Launcher App with the help of this guide;
  2. Also grab the Nova Launcher Prime App from here;
  3. Go to Settings app on your Galaxy S7 Edge phone;
  4. Then, find the Application option and tap on it;
  5. Choose the Default Application;
  6. Now, you can tap on the Home Screen Option;
  7. Up next, tap on the Nova Launcher option to Make it the Default Launcher. This means that it will work automatically as the launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge;
  8. Press the Home Button;
  9. You must tap and hold on an Empty Spot of the Home Screen;
  10. Then, tap the Settings Option;
  11. Tap on the Gestures & Inputs option right away;
  12. Scroll Down until you see the Double Tap option that must be tapped;
  13. Tap on the Screen Lock option too;
  14. Now, press the Home Button;
  15. Double tap on an empty spot of the Home Screen;
  16. Tap the Enable button;
  17. At the end, just tap the Activate button at the bottom right;
  18. There are also some pretty good apps that offer Double Tap To Wakeup and Sleep Function on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. They can turn your screen to black and when you will double tap on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, its display will be immediately powered on. You can also put your phone on sleep and wake it up just by double taps on the screen, but be careful! As tempting apps such as Double Tap To Screen Off (take it from here) and KnockOn – Tap to wake or lock (access this link to grab it) might be, they will affect the battery life and drain the juice faster than you might imagine.

And I know what you must be thinking of, but I must tell you that at the moment Samsung has not any statement as when they will start rolling out Android Nougat 7.0 software update for its S7 Edge device. However, as soon as Google will start releasing the source code for Android Nougat, it will take some time for Samsung to customize the Android code with its own TouchWiz UI, but I will keep you in the loop about any possible change.

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