Hide Those Punch Holes on the Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus has finally landed and it’s a thrill to discover it. I have been impressed from the very start by Samsung’s new Infinity-O display, which is a true edge-to-edge screen that promises a truly immersive viewing experience. Samsung used a laser cutter to carve holes into the display to house the front-facing camera, but what do you think about the new look?

I know that Samsung went with this design to avoid the generally disliked notch, but it doesn’t seem to be your lucky day. It doesn’t look pretty at all and while Galaxy S10E and Galaxy S10 have a single punch hole, your S10 Plus has no less than two cutouts for its dual front cameras.

Yes, this does add more screen real estate, but I know that some of you might find the hole punch a bit annoying to look at. Or maybe you completely hate it. If you prefer a more classic look to your phone, I totally get you. I feel the same way, so what do you say about hiding those punch holes right away?

You like the idea, but there’s a downside too

Samsung’s new Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10E have many new advancements, but the biggest change to their designs is precisely this hole-punch display. You do want to get rid of it on your Galaxy S10 Plus, but there’s a small issue that you need to know.

The downside that I am talking about is that you must sacrifice some screen space. However, is not as if your smartphone wouldn’t have plenty of that, you know! Just kidding!

Bottom line, the choice is all yours. If you are still willing to go ahead with it, then find the way into Display Settings > Full Screen Apps. Here you must toggle the switch for Hide front camera. Like that, the interface on your S10 Plus will flash and rearrange itself as it makes the top section of the display black, essentially hiding the holes.

If you are not, I have another suggestion. A larger screen also allows for some fun wallpapers to try out. Speaking of that, there’s now a subreddit for the wallpapers that could disguise the awful cutout. It’s a nice repository of bold and fun wallpapers so you can go find your favorites.

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