Capture a Photo when Someone Fails to Unlock your Device via Third Eye

Even if you have a screen lock on your Android phone, a friend or a colleague could still try to get into it. That’s the way things are these days. You can though change that with the help of the right app. Note that if you install one of these apps to catch phone snoopers, they can’t monitor attempts to unlock your device with a fingerprint. The Android system never allows apps to see if a fingerprint unlock was successful or not.

Thus, such apps only work for catching incorrect PINs, passwords, or patterns. Do you want an example of such an app? Third Eye is the most basic app I can think of right now for the task. Here’s how you can use to make your phone automatically capture a photo when someone fails to unlock it.

The photo that can change your day

Download Third Eye from Google Play Store. Once the app it installed, it will function in the background and take a quick snap from the front camera every time it detects wrong PIN or pattern is entered.

That’s the photo that can change your day, don’t you think? A number of wrong attempts can be configured which is set to one by default.

The app has ads, and sadly there’s no option to go pro for an ad-free version with an in-app payment. And remember that Third Eye uses the Device Administrator permission. This app also uses the Monitor screen-unlock attempts device admin permission to detect the wrong attempts in your mobile lock screen. Without permission, the app may not work properly, so don’t say that you haven’t been warned about that.

At the same time, Third Eye only stores the photo log locally. If you aren’t OK with that, there are more alternatives for you to check out. Remember though that you have a detailed photo logs of the mobile snoopers and a lot more customization settings, so I wouldn’t say pass to Third Eye so fast. What about you?

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