RadioDroid 2 is One of the Best Choices of the Moment

Are you sick and tired of downloading and managing your songs and podcasts on your Android handset? Turn to some amazing radio apps for hassle-free audio content, whether it’s music, talk shows, or whatever you might have in mind. You can even tune into actual radio stations if that’s what you want — and you can even find options that are available for free.

Having thousands of songs that you love all the time is one of the great things about the Android world. But the truth is that sometimes you want some variety or to simply discover something new and I can assure you of the fact that RadioDroid 2 is one of the best choices of the moment.

Well, I can tell you from the start the fact that RadioDroid 2 has 13043 radio stations and the best part is that it combines features from traditional radio apps, as well as program-your-own-station apps such as the popular Pandora.

RadioDroid 2 has a special tab called Statistics that not only shows you the number of radio stations in the app but also reveals the languages and countries those stations are in. And in the same way, the Tags, Countries, and Languages tabs show you the exact breakdown; even more, the various stations are sorted on the basis of top clicks and top votes, but you can search for more specifically too.

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When you play a station, you also have the chance to view the data that gets transferred and you can even record that station if you want. And even more, you can set the playing song as an alarm tone and further personalize your device, not to mention that in order to make searching easier for you, each station has a few tags that can be used to find similar stations to the one you love.

Let me just add that there is an open beta test for new versions, so don’t hesitate to give it a try,

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