Grab Moto Z Circle Clock Widget on Android (no Root Required)

Motorola has managed to surprise us all with the release of the all new Moto G4 Plus, and Moto Z, a new device series by Motorola and Lenovo. I am not only talking about the major hardware changes, but there are also plenty of new software features worthy of your full attention even if you don’t intend to be the owner of any of these devices in the near future.

While the modular software features are only available for the Moto Z lineup, there are also some amazingly good looking widgets that you might be interested about for your own Android handset. For example, the new Motorola Circle Clock Widget is great and if before you could only have it on any Moto device which is rooted, unlocked, as well as backed up by the TWRP recovery (thanks to gourabpa, an XDA-Senior Developer), you can now easily port the amazing Circle Clock widget by Motorola to any Android device you might currently have in your pocket.

And I must tell you from the start that this is an ordinary APK that you can install despite of the fact that your handset might not be rooted. After all, this is a matter of choice, so if you are pleased by things as they are, no one is forcing you to take another decision. However, in order to succeed, verify that the phone has the Marshmallow-based stock or custom ROM on it or you are simply wasting your time as the procedure won’t work.

How to Grab Moto Z Circle Clock Widget on Android (no Root Required):

  1. Download the APK on your computer with the help of this link;
  2. Then, move it to your phone by connecting the device to the computer using a USB cable;
  3. You can also download it directly on your device itself and in this case, you can find the APK inside the Download folder;
  4. Go to Settings> Lock screen and Security> Unknown sources and enable the option;
  5. Up next, open file manager;
  6. Go to Circle_Clock_Widget_v3.apk and tap it to get installed;
  7. After that, come to the home screen and tap and hold any empty space on it;
  8. Then, tap the Widget option;
  9. Scroll and you’ll see the widget preview as Command Center;
  10. At the end, it’s time to press and hold the widget to bring it to the home screen.

As you can see, this is a fully functional widget that can show you live weather for the automatically or manually selected location, as well as time and battery level. Even more, if you choose to tap the center circle that shows the time takes you to the Alarm setting screen on your phone. The center circle also shows the alarm notification.

And if you tap the weather icon on the center and left circle, this takes you to the detailed weather forecast screen, just as you have the chance to view the battery usage stats on your device by tapping the battery icon on the right circle.

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