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You know that there are plenty of Android news apps to choose from, no matter if you are a real news junkie or nothing more than a casual reader. Many of you said that they are looking for an app that can give them trending stories in the domains they are interested in, a tool that categorizes them based on the subject, that it’s clutter-free and easy to use, but I think that you should put an end to your searches.

What you need is Android PressReader you can read a lot for free, or you can get even more by accessing the service at any PressReader “hotspot” or for $30/month. This is the perfect choice for those of you looking for a simple way to keep up with international news. Maybe you love to see what’s happening in communities that you have visited in the past, maybe you have a certain place where you have lived for years and years or simply like to stay informed.

Either way, there are more 5000-plus supported newspapers and magazines from around the world waiting for you.
I know that you can access to a lot of these same periodicals by visiting your local library, but this service known as PressReader saves you of all the trouble of going to the library, spending money and so on. Isn’t it much better to have it all in the comfort of your house?

Check out the service by entering to this direct link or head to a local supported hotspot in order to get the full picture. Trust me when I say that you won’t have any problem at this chapter as long as most hotspots are in places like hotels, libraries, airports, as well as other business centers.

If you like what you see, you can go premium and don’t hesitate to check out their YouTube channel, which has a set of interesting videos that show off what the reading experience is like and what this service has to offer. Use this link to get there!

Other Android apps that help you stay informed:

  • If Android PressReader is not for you, then you can choose to use Inshorts, an amazing News Curation App that can select the most recent news from multiple national and international sources and then, it presents you the story in a format of no more than 60 words;
  • You can also Read Top Stories of the Day with the help of Yahoo News Digest which even adds photos, colorful quotes and videos to the news;
  • Always be Informed with Android Newsbeat which can collect the most important news of the day and then, it reads them to you;
  • You could also try NewsBytes which Curates the Important Stories of the Day;
  • If you want more than news, then Try out Google News & Weather and I bet that you will like it. News & Weather has been revamped into a modern app and released to the Google Play Store, so you must give it a chance!

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