How to Enter Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 3

After finding out what a hard reset is and how to hard reset your Galaxy Note 3, it is time we headed towards another important matter and that would be how to enter Recovery Mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This tutorial is intended to explain what an Android Custom or Stock Recovery Mode is, how difficult is to boot or enter a Recovery Mode using CWM or TRWP and how to successfully enter Recovery Mode on your Galaxy Note 3.

Also don’t hesitate and learn now how to hard reset the Galaxy Note 3.

What Is an Android Custom or Stock Recovery Mode

An Android Custom or also Stock Recovery Mode is a hidden menu, otherwise called a secret menu, that the Samsung smartphone manufacturer added on its Galaxy Note 3 smartphones, in order to help its users successfully flash any new ROMs and other files more easily and much faster. The first rule to enter the Recovery Mode of your device would be to boot the smartphone.

How Difficult Is to Boot Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 3

A Recovery Mode for Galaxy Note 3 is actually easy to boot, since you will just need a key combination to be used when your device is turned off. With the device is turned off, the Recovery Mode will be entering with hundreds of possibilities for its users to Wipe Data, Factory Reset, Format System, install new ROMs with the help of CWM / TWRP recovery modes, install new kernels or other important apps and files.

As for what concerns the stock recovery image, this one would be the one you originally have when you first purchased the smartphone, but the recovery image used on this particular matter could be changed with CWM or TRPW. These are the custom recoveries modes that you can access the same way. But do take into account that you will not be able to use the Stock Recovery mode after you flash a Custom Recovery. Why? Because a Custom Recovery does work with Samsung devices that are rooted, so it is mandatory that your own Note 3 is rooted as well.

We have seen what a Recovery Mode is and how difficult is to boot a recovery mode. Now it is time to show you a simple guide on how to enter a Recovery Mode.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Step 1. Turn off your Galaxy Note or remove its battery and reinsert if after a short while.
Step 2. Press and then hold Volume Up, Home and Power at the same time.
Step 3. When you get some flickering on the screen, release the keys and wait until the Recovery Mode screen will appear. Retake the step until your Recovery Mode is completely booted.
Step 3. Now you device will enter in Recovery Mode and apply all the necessary changes that you want.
Step 4. With the Reboot feature, reboot your smartphone in normal mode.

Voila! Now you entered Recovery Mode and applied all the changes you wanted for your device.

Other Options on How to Enter Recovery Mode

Except for the manual process of your device entering Recovery Mode, there also automatic options to boot Recovery Mode for your Galaxy Note 3.

Option 1. Use GooManager for a TWRP Recovery or also ROM Manager for a CWM Recovery.
Option 2. Boot in Recovery Mode by simply holding on the Power Button until the menu appears on the screen.
Option 3. Select the Reboot feature and wait until the handset boots in Recovery Mode.

This is it guys, your Galaxy Note 3 is now on Recovery Mode. Just play around and see what features you might want to change. With the hope that you have found this material useful enough to carry on with the process of entering Recovery mode without any bumps along the way, we are gladly to receive your feedback on this matter. Still have questions or want to find more, do write to us and we will get back to you shortly! Cheers!

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