Solve Galaxy S9 Black Crush Screen Issues

Samsung makes some of the best mobile displays in the world and no one can say that the AMOLED panels on Samsung smartphones are not one of the reasons why many users buy their products. However, Samsung mobile displays are not without their share of problems and complaints about the Galaxy S9 Black Crush Screen issues are just an example of that.

This is a serious problem where the screen has issues displaying different shades of dark color, therefore dark sections of videos or images can appear with blocks or black, pixelated, or grainy. This is far from you’d expect from a top-notch, high-resolution display, I know it.

Long story short, rather than showing details, the screen of your Galaxy S9 smartphone will show blocks of pixelated or black images in dark sections and users are disappointed about the fact that Samsung hasn’t yet released a fix for the problem.

Don’t be fooled by appearances; even if this seems like a hardware issue at first glance, it’s a software one. Phones that have previously faced such problems fixed it through a software update, but here’s what you can do until this happens:

Well, you can make things better by using a special app that I want to present you. In fact, Galaxy S9 users on the XDA Developers forums were the first ones claiming of being able to improve the issue by using an app known as Screen Balance. This comes as the very first Android app that can allow adjustment of the screens white balance, not to mention the fact that it also allows auto resetting brightness if set too low by accident, it reduces brightness levels to below what Android normally allow and even more, it makes things on your handset a little more bearable, if not back to normal again.

Well, I know that resorting to an app for a fix to this problem isn’t ideal, but this is a decent solution until Samsung provides one of its own. Don’t you think the same?

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