Snapchat Lets School Newspapers Contribute to Publisher Stories

The truth is that Snapchat has been falling behind in the race of popularity and there’s a perfect explanation for that. Well, the truth is that Facebook and its other social media platforms such as Instagram have started to copy its popular features, therefore some don’t find it as being unique any more. Too bad for them because there are also plenty of users that wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world.

And Snapchat always finds something new to capture our attention once more. This time, Snapchat announced its intention of letting School Newspapers Contribute to Publisher Stories. The Campus Publisher Stories feature is the one that will make everything possible and I have no doubt that it could contribute to Snapchat’s advance in popularity.

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After all, Snapchat is more popular among teenagers and this expansion of Publisher Stories to include native school and college newspapers is no surprise. I have seen it coming and so have you, I am sure of that.

Therefore, I am glad to announce you that Snapchat intends to create a partnership with schools, colleges, and universities that will create Publisher Stories and distribute them to the platform. And the best part is that these stories will also feature Snap Ads, which will help individual publications to grow via the revenue sharing agreement.

The student papers will create what Snap is calling a Campus Publisher Story, which should look similar to the magazine-style editions that existing partners like BuzzFeed already create daily.

The student papers will produce one of these Stories per week and they will include ads. Revenue generated from the ads will be split between the university paper and Snap, though the company declined to share what that split will actually be.

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