Galaxy S10 Plus: How to Save Raw Pictures

Samsung talked about the Galaxy S10 cameras at the official unveiling, focusing on the new ultra-wide camera joining the Dual Aperture and telephoto lens from the Galaxy S9. The ultra-wide camera enables pictures with a 23-degree field of view. After all, that’s quite impressive, but you are getting plenty of other goodies.

With a great camera onboard that comes with Pro features as well, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone takes RAW photos as you see on the DSLR cameras. RAW photos are great since they capture maximum details in a photo. Well, you should also know that these images are usually higher in size. I am talking about 5-7 times the size of the normal image, but the result is worthy of such a compromise.

Be careful though. Shooting RAW photos is not for beginners. This is meant for photographers and advanced users who know how to process RAW photos. By shooting RAW photos on the Galaxy S10 Plus handset, you gain the freedom of processing the photos later on in Photoshop to your liking. You control the resulting image, something which cannot be done if you shoot in JPEG directly.

Have I made you curious? If you want to take photos in RAW format, you just need to enable a quick setting on your Galaxy S10 Plus.

How to Save Raw Pictures:

To make that happen, just head to the Camera Settings -> Save options -> Raw copies (taken in Pro mode, of course). Once you enable this option, take photos in Pro mode to save a RAW copy of the image. You will find no less than two images one of which is the RAW image saved in the gallery.

Now, you can use apps like Snapspeed or Photoshop Express to edit RAW photos right on your Galaxy device. And remember that RAW photos are also backed up by Google Photos as well.

This trick also works on other Samsung phones that support RAW image capturing, so take a closer look. I am sure that you’d want the feature on all your Samsung phones. After all, RAW pictures capture more information than the standard JPEG images. So, they really are so much more flexible to edit.

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