Learn to Use Playground’s AR Features on your Pixel 3

Our phone’s camera has become an important part of our lives. We use it to capture moments that matter to us, but these days, thanks to advancements in computer vision, our camera can understand our world, change it and let us see the bright side of things. Speaking of that, the Pixel 3 device has AR stickers and animated Playmojis built right into the Camera app.

Playground is the new mode in the Pixel camera to make it all possible as it changes the world around you. It helps you bring more of your imagination to a scene with favorite superheroes, stickers that amuse you and fun captions that put words where the action is.

And for those times when you don’t know where to start, Playground makes real-time suggestions to recommend content based on the scene you’re in. Are you listening to music in your room?

Are you cooking dinner in the kitchen or taking a walk? Playground uses advanced computer vision and machine learning to recommend relevant Playmoji, stickers and captions to populate the scene. And you can also use Playmoji in selfie mode, which makes it even easier to create fun videos while you interact with the AR characters.

Learn to Use Playground’s AR Features on your Pixel 3:

  1. Open the Camera app;
  2. Swipe over to the More tab, all the way to the right;
  3. Here you have to tap Playground;
  4. You can drop various objects and characters into Playground’s viewfinder. To get started, tap the sticker icon;
  5. Now, just tap a character to add them to the screen;
  6. The character will appear before you. You can spin them around by twisting with two fingers, enlarge or shrink them by making pinching motions;
  7. You may also tap them to get options for extra animations;
  8. You can even add more characters to the scene, the same way you added the first one;
  9. Add text by tapping the Text icon, to the right of the shutter button;
  10. Then, just tap the text field to edit it.

Don’t you like what you have now? Over time, it should get better too, as Google intends to add even more Playmojis from other famous universes.

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