How to Set Up the S Pen on Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8, the newest smartphone in Samsung’s Note series, is the stylus-touting phablet of the moment and everyone talks about it. A staple of the popular Note line has always been a big screen and the S-Pen, therefore you must learn how to set it up right from the start.

After all, the S Pen is a unique accessory. It’s not just a stylus—it’s a pressure-sensitive productivity tool that unlocks a variety of software features you won’t see on other mobile devices.

Even more, Samsung improved some of the already known S-Pen features on the Note 8, including Screen Off Memo and translation using the pen. To be more precise, Screen Off Memos is now capped at 100 pages of notes, reminders, sketches or whatever you want. Translate is no longer restricted to single words and can now do complete sentences. Even more, the Note 8 S-Pen is waterproof, as well as more sensitive than before, so this is a lucky and wise choice indeed.

Even though there’s a lot to change and make yours with the Note 8’s S Pen, enabling the S Pen on the device is a piece of cake, I can assure you of that. Just follow the steps detailed in the below procedure and you will succeed in no time.

How to Set Up the S Pen on Galaxy Note 8:

  • Just as it happens with so many other Android handsets, the center of attention with the Note 8 is the device’s Settings, where you can make the most of your phone by customizing all the essential aspects. So, in order to pick from the S Pen’s many features, go to the Settings’ Advanced Features;
  • At the top, you’ll see a link for the S Pen’s page, where you’ll find various customization options to choose from;
  • It is up to you to add haptic vibrations when you draw or write, to save power when the pen’s not being used, so set an alarm for when the pen and phablet get too far apart and not only. The Galaxy Note 8’s Translate feature is there too and it automatically translates words, phrases, or entire paragraphs to a desired language. You can easily activate it by pulling out the S Pen and tapping the Translate button from the Air command menu, and then, just use the floating Translate menu to change the target language. You must now hover the S Pen over text, and a pop up will show the translation. And keep in mind that this feature currently supports 71 languages, so it’s perfect;
  • You can also try out Give Smart Select which lets you snapshot, save, and send any portion of the Galaxy Note 8’s screen. Just pull out the S Pen and tap the Smart Select button from the Air Command menu. Up next, you have to tap and drag around the area of the screen you’d like to “cut.” You’ll get the option to doodle on top of what you’ve copied, share it to another app, set it as a wallpaper, save it to your gallery, or extract any text from it.

And that’s just the beginning. So, you see that Samsung’s newest stylus can do more than ever before. Take your time to get used to all these and make the best choices for you.

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