Fix Galaxy S7 “Before you can download the attachment, you must download the e-mail” Error

Things are not great with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and every single owner knows that this is the truth. There are multiple errors that users have confronted with and many were disappointed. When you pay a little fortune on a device, you can only imagine that satisfaction and performance are included, but there’s never a guarantee for that.

I am always doing my best to help you and this is no exception. When you try to download an email attachment on your Galaxy S7 – with the Android email app, of course – then you probably get the following message on the display when you want to open the attachment: “Download email – Before you can download the attachment, you must download the e-mail”.

Is there any possibility to do such a thing? I bet that you are slightly confused and wondering how to download the e-mail and don’t you imagine that there is any complicated procedure waiting for you.

This is exactly what I want to describe here in more detail and show you that there is nothing to be worried about. First of all, you have to view the e-mail and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the e-mail. Thus, the content of the e-mail via Wi-Fi or mobile data connection will be automatically loaded and be sure that this includes the attachment of the e-mail.

This can then be downloaded without any problems within the Android e-mail app and the issue will be solved.

Other possible fixes for your problems:

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