Adjust the Alert Slider on your OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus has recently revealed the impressive OnePlus 7 Pro model. As you might expect, this OnePlus flagship comes with the latest powerful processor, as well as a sleek redesign that adds a mechanical pop-up camera and allows the phone’s style to shine. It has a good camera too, a stunning screen, or fast charging included in the package. Ad the great OxygenOS software built over Android is a joy to use too.

This handset is awesome and all – I know it and so do you. Even so, there are a few settings and aspects you should ensure are active, or simply alter, to make owning the phone even better. I’m always here to help, remember? Today I intend to put you on the right path when it comes to adjusting the Alert Slider on your OnePlus 7 Pro device.

Remember how things happened with the OnePlus 6 device? Unlike allpast OnePlus devices, the alert slider come located on the right side of the OnePlus (instead of the left) that time and allowed you to control notifications. Things aren’t that different for the new OnePlus 7 Pro device and that’s what you are about to discover. Just keep on reading:

Playing with the Alert Slider on your OnePlus 7 Pro

Well, you should know that above the Power button is your alert slider and it offers different positions. To be more precise, you can choose from no less than three settings. The top is silent, the middle is vibrate, and the bottom setting is ring volume.

On the basis of the alert slider’s position, you get to customize your OnePlus 7 Pro’s sound profile. For that, tap on Settings > Buttons & gestures and go to Alert slide.

Then, under the Silent category — which silences calls and notifications with no vibration except for alarms — you can also toggle on the media button if you want to block notifications while watching videos. You may also choose to toggle off Also vibrate for calls under the Ring setting. Such choices are yours to make and know, you know where you need to look for them!

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