Easily Changing Fonts on your OnePlus 5

Following the massive success of the OnePlus 3 and 3T handset models, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5 device this year and we all know how things went. The truth is that reviews surrounding the handset were not all good, but quite the opposite, yet the owners were not discouraged and they discovered a special handset in time.

If you have purchased a OnePlus 5 handset too, don’t worry; you have made a wise choice. The phone’s processor might not be one of its strength and I can pretty much say the same thing about the camera, but there are still plenty of things to like about it, including the customization options. Don’t you know how to change fonts on your OnePlus 5?

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The operation that i am telling you about is not at all complicated, just as you can also download customized fonts from the Internet to make the OnePlus 5 that you use every day unique. The following are detailed steps on how to change the font size, style and more on the OnePlus 5, so let’s move to the actual operation:

Easily Changing Fonts on your OnePlus 5:

  1. First of all, you must turn on your OnePlus 5;
  2. Up next, you have to go to Menu;
  3. Click on Settings;
  4. Then, you must select Display;
  5. Select on Font;
  6. You can find various fonts in the “Font Style” section such as these ones:
    Chocolate Cooky
    Cool Jazz
    OnePlus Sans
    Download Fonts
  7. You can also make some changes in the font size and style at the top of your screen beforehand;
  8. You may also choose to download additional fonts if you don’t like any of the default colors or font styles. For that, feel free to find your way into Play Store and then, just enter Download fonts. You can find here some of the extra options that you can download, so make your choices and enjoy them.

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