How to Flash Lineage 13.0 on Huawei Honor Holly

CyanogenMod was an open source project that so many of us adored. This was the result of an attempt to build a for-profit version of CM that would be sold to device makers and its name is related to that of Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik who was one of the founders of Cyanogen Inc. The end of CyanogenMod come like a shock for many Android users, while others had seen this coming as a result of a poor management over the years.

However, that’s a completely different story and it should better remain buried in the past especially since we now have an alternative. So, let’s better focus our attention on Lineage OS which tries to pick up where CM left off with version 14.1. This is based on Android 7.1 Nougat, the features are mostly the same, with the exception of some of the cloud services that were connected to the now non-existent servers. So, they only have a new name and logo.

In case of liking the idea, don’t you tell me that you don’t want to flash Lineage 13.0 on your Huawei Honor Holly too. Please keep in mind that this is not the Official Build of Lineage OS ROM, but this OS ROM was created by XDA Members by using Lineage OS Official source code.

You can wait for the Official Build (and it will be soon available on site), but it could take days or weeks. If you don’t want to wait, then you can try these unofficial Lineage OS ROMs. In case of ever installing any Custom ROM, then flashing this Lineage OS ROM  on your Honor Holly will also be an easy thing for you, but if you don’t know how to install Custom ROMs on an Android device, then this might turn into a challenge.

Either way, the preparatory steps are a must:

  • In order to install this version, you will have to wipe the data and factory reset your Huawei Honor Holly. Therefore, a backup is mandatory;
  • Make sure you have unlocked the bootloader of your Huawei Honor Holly device;
  • Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock from Settings-> Developer Options;
  • Make sure you have TWRP recovery installed on your device;
  • You must have device drivers installed on your PC as you will have to transfer the ROM and Google apps to your device’s storage.
  • You must fully charge your device or at least to 70%, as the process may take a while.

How to Flash Lineage 13.0 on Huawei Honor Holly:

  1. Take the LOS 14.1 ROM file from here;
  2. Then, take Gapps by entering here;
  3. After downloading Lineage OS ROM and Gapps, move them into your device Internal Storage in which you want to install Lineage OS ROM;
  4. Now, it’s time to boot your device in TWRP Recovery;
  5. You should now perform a nandroid backup. To back up your ROM, tap on the backup option in TWRP and select all the partitions including System, Data, Boot, Recovery, EFS and swipe right where appropriate, to backup;
  6. After performing the ROM backup, perform a full wipe. Return to the TWRP main menu and tap the wipe button and select Advanced Wipe. Then select Dalvik Cache, System, Data, and Cache. Now swipe the confirmation button to wipe;
  7. Go to the main menu again and select the Install option;
  8. Choose Lineage OS ROM and then swipe to confirm the flashing operation;
  9. It’s time to flash the Gapps File too, so feel free to use the same method that you used to install the Lineage OS ROM;
  10. Lastly, you have to reboot your device, and Lineage OS ROM will be successfully installed into your device.

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