How to lnstall CM 13 on Galaxy Note 3 by Temasek

Galaxy Note 3 owners can consider themselves as being lucky as long as they have the chance to enjoy the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. It’s true that I am only talking about CyanogenMod 13 ROM, but this option is definitely better than nothing, especially as long as it is based on the Temasek’s source for the CM 13 released that is now available for the Galaxy Note 3.

However, let me be clear about the fact that the CM 13 ROM is available for the hlte and hltspr versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, therefore make no confusion that you might regret later. Even more, my suggestion is to take a Nandroid backup.

Why should you do such a thing? I have one answer for you that I find as being more than enough: with the Nandroid backup you can save the current ROM that powers your phone. So, if the CyanogenMod system isn’t what you are excepting at, then you can simply use the same Nandroid backup for downgrading your smartphone back to stock.

In order to install the Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM, your Note 3 must have the latest TWRP or Philz CWM custom recovery installed or else you cannot download the files that must be flashed and you must also have the phone’s drivers installed on your PC so as to transfer the CM 13 ROM and Google apps to your device’s storage.

The security programs that run on your computer should be temporarily disabled too or else you might have minor problems when trying to download the required files and on your Note 3, you have to gain Developer Option, a feature that might be hidden.

If that’s your case too, just access Menu – Settings – About phone and tap a few times on Built Number. After that, there is nothing stopping you from entering to Menu – Settings – Developer options and checking the USB Debugging feature – without doing so, you might have problems while trying to connect the handset with your computer.

Another important preparatory step is about the battery life; let me remind you that you should fully charge your device or at least to 60%, as the process may take a while and you need the battery to be able to last.

How to Install CM 13 on Galaxy Note 3 by Temasek:

  1. Take the CM 13 ROM from here for Note 3-HLTE and from here for Note 3 – HLTSPR;
  2. Then, you should also take Google Apps by entering here;
  3. Move the zip files into your device’s internal storage with the help of the handset’s original USB cord;
  4. First, turn off your device;
  5. Then, reboot into Custom Recovery (like TWRP); you have to press and hold volume down and power keys at the same time. If you see the TWRP logo, that means that you were successful;
  6. Backup your ROM, in order to be on the safe side. How can you do that? Well, you just have to tap on backup option in TWRP and select all the partitions including System, Data, Boot, Recovery, EFS and swipe right where appropriate, to backup;
  7. Return to the TWRP main menu and tap the wipe button;
  8. You have to select Advanced Wipe and then, Dalvik Cache, System, Data, and Cache. Now swipe the confirmation button to wipe;
  9. Now, you have to go back to the TWRP main menu;
  10. Tap on the install option;
  11. Navigate to the ROM file and select it;
  12. Swipe the confirmation button to proceed with the installation. The ROM will be installed;
  13. Go back to the install option and flash the Google apps zip file in the same way;
  14. Once installed, reboot to system.

If you see the new boot logo, that means you have successfully installed the ROM on your device. If you come across any boot loop or face system errors, try a factory reset from the recovery or you can always restore your previous ROM from the backup.

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