How to Record Galaxy S7 Videos

Some say that the Galaxy S7 camera app isn’t the cleanest that they have seen as long as it is cluttering up the screen with various options that could have been hidden away and I agree with them up to some point. Things are indeed a little bit more complicated than they should be, but the handset is like no other too and the truth is that you must take some time to experience and learn what the handset’s camera has to offer and you will definitely like it.

For example, the Galaxy S7 performs strongly when it comes to video recording and you will be surprised by the results. Your standard video resolutions are Full HD 1080p, as well as QUad HD and 4K and you can switch between the two quickly and easily in the settings.

And it’s worth saying that the S7’s camera lens works well as expected when you’re switching from near to far focal points and vice versa, as well as changes in different lighting conditions. And you can happily shoot and walk at the same time thanks to the decent built-in image stabilisation, which is as strong as most rivals such as Sony’s Xperia Z5 that everyone talks about these days.

So, don’t you tell me that you don’t want to use the recording function from your device! If you don’t know how, then let me guide you:

How to Record Galaxy S7 Videos:

  1. First of all, you have to go to Apps;
  2. From there, you must touch Camera;
  3. If you want to change the camera mode, touch MODE from where you have to choose an option;
  4. Touch INFO to read about each mode and be aware of the fact that not all modes apply to videos, such as Panorama, Food, or Virtual shot;
  5. Aim the Galaxy S7 smartphone at the subject;
  6. Then, you need to touch the Record option;
  7. Touch the screen to focus on a specific area. Touch and drag the slider to adjust the brightness;
  8. Touch the Camera option to take a still photo while shooting the video;
  9. Touch Pause to temporarily stop recording, or touch Stop if you want to finish recording;
  10. When you are finished, touch the Gallery option in order to view your newly captured video.

How do you like your video? If you want others to see it too, then don’t hesitate to open the video and touch the Share option.

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