How to Take Pictures Using Voice on your Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung’s has unveiled the top-of-the-line smartphone Galaxy S10 Plus and it highlights a number of features including its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner or that triple cameras combination. The truth is that we don’t see every day a device coming with a triple-lens setup in its main camera. Samsung combined the primary 12Mp camera and variable-aperture lens with a 16Mp ultra-wide-angle module and a 12Mp 2x telephoto module and it did a great job this year.

So, the triple-lens camera that takes normal, telephoto, and new ultra-wide photos. You can capture more of what’s in front of you without even having to back up. And since with the Galaxy S10 line, Samsung finally joined that very limited rank of companies that have an ultra-wide-angle camera, I can only imagine that this here’s a good chance this is your first phone with a lens this wide.

My advice is to start shooting with it and explore its capabilities. And don’t leave aside the little tricks that make the experience so much natural and fun. For example, do you know how simple is to take pictures using voice on your Galaxy S10 Plus?

Let me show you the way

As you can imagine, you can use voice commands to take photo and record videos on the Galaxy S10 Plus handset. So, you can take photos by saying ‘Cheese’, ‘Smile’, ‘Capture’, or ‘Shoot’ to snap pictures and ‘Record Video’ to record videos. These are some magical words that work every time.

To make it happen, you have to enable this feature first. For that, waste no more time and go to the Camera Settings -> Shooting methods -> Voice control.

You see that it’s quite easy to take photos vie voice command on your device, but it isn’t the only fun way. You may also use Bixby to capture photos or record videos in your Samsung S10 Plus.

I hope this simple tutorial was helpful when it comes to taking photos with voice commands on Galaxy S10 Plus handsets. Let me know if you have any questions.

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