Best Apps for your Rooted Android Device

If you’ve been reading about Android devices and the advantages of becoming the owner of a rooted model, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. As many of you already know, rooting lets you customize your handset as never before. To be more precise, it practically allows apps to run those “privileged commands” that you are thinking of for a very long time, such as modifying or deleting system files, not to mention that it gives you the possibility to backup up your system on to an SD card, to install a new edition of Android on a device, or even to put in a new ROM with a tethering option. As for those apps especially dedicated to rooted Android devices, some of them are more than surprising, that’s for sure!

We have always told you that rooting is not for everyone and we remain faithful to this idea. Less experienced users should be careful about this procedure as long as they can cause software errors, void the manufacturer’s warranty, or even damage their Android device, but if you want to try this out, we have already told you what amazing things are waiting for you, things that you couldn’t otherwise accomplish. We’ve already showed you how to root your Android device (here we have detailed tutorials for various devices), so now it’s the perfect time to take a closer look on how you can actually get the best out of your rooted device. To be more precise, here we have some of the most interesting apps designed for rooted Android Devices only:

Best Apps for your Rooted Android Device:

1. DataSync (Free/$2.69 Premium version)

In case of being the owner of more than one Android device, you probably already now that some apps permit you to sync your data between devices, while many don’t. That’s why DataSync is an ideal choice as long as it lets you to synchronize application data between not only two, but even more Android devices, “copying” all your settings and apps between all your Android devices. Do you want to play a game? Play it on both handsets without having to replay the same parts. Are you reading an ebook? Both Android devices will open up to the same place where you left off, so just imagine how easy is to feel continuity in whatever you might be doing.

And don’t leave aside that this DataSyncapp also serves as a remote backup if one of your devices gets lost, giving you the chance to download once again all your previously stored data. As for the$2.69 Premium version, it also unlocks additional features like real time sync, syncing over Bluetooth or NFC and scheduled sync.

2. ROM Manager (Free, $6 Premium version)

ROM Manager gives you the possibility to back up your current ROM, to flash new ROMs, as well as to install custom themes or kernels. We have decided to include it in our list of Best Android Apps thanks to its generous list of ROMs which is constantly updated so that everyone can find what he’s looking for.

As for the Premium versions, it even unlocks features like update notifications, automatic backups, or premium ROMs, but it’s up to you to decide if it is really worthy of $6 or not.

3. Titanium Backup (Free, $7 Pro version)

As you can already guess from its name, the primary purpose of this Titanium Backup app is to backup all your data and device settings. You can easily save these backup files to your SD card and then to restore them in case you change your Android device or restore your handset to your factory settings after an update.

As for those curious about the advantages that come along with the Pro version, you should know that there are no restrictions on your backups and schedules, it allows you to completely uninstall bloatware that your manufacturer preinstalled, as well as to sync directly to cloud services like Google Drive or DropBox.

4. Greenify (Free)

Greenify is an amazing free app that lets you forget all about those apps from running in background. Once you do that, the app will no longer eat up your battery juice. We have chosen Greenify and not any other app as long as this one has something special: while other apps from the same category simply freeze or uninstall bloatware, Greenify can just put the app into a state of hibernation every time when you aren’t using it.

5. System Tuner (Free)

System Tuner is another app that doesn’t cost you a penny, but it can perfectly analyze what is going on with your Android device. To be more precise, it enables you to backup and restore apps and their settings, to tweak CPU settings, as well as cache and memory settings, and much more than that. Just give it a try and you’ll find out by yourself!

6. DroidWall (Free)

Android devices can be really annoying when it comes to stopping background data use. In such a case, you just have to turn off mobile data entirely. That won’t be the case anymore with this DroidWall app which lets you control exactly what apps can connect, easily blocking the other ones from connecting to the internet.

In order to do so, you must use “whitelist” mode to choose to approve those apps to be let through, or “blacklist” mode to choose which apps are going to block. And you can even set individual settings for every app you currently own.

7. AdFree (Free)

Are you bothered by all that advertising that pops up on the limited screen space of your Android phone? AdFree comes in your help and lets you block a very long list of online advertising, tracking cookies, and even malware forms. There are some ads which are not covered indeed, but don’t forget that AdFree is totally free and has no “Pro” version with paid features, so it can be the app that you are looking for.

8. ES File Explorer (Free)

If you want to dig into Android’s entire file system, then you are probably looking for a management app. ES File Explorer is a potential choice, being very easy to search, view, edit, as well as to change those permissions that are currently bothering you. And don’t forget that this app that we have here can also be sued as a cloud storage client, so you can share files much easier than before.

9. DiskDigger (Free)

In case of accidentally deleting an important photo, don’t worry, we have a solution for you. DiskDigger is a free app that can easily undelete and recover photos from your internal memory or your memory card. And it’s your choice about what to do with them: you can directly restore the photo or send it from the app by email.

10. WiFi Tethering (Free)

There is no mystery that many carriers have decided to block wireless hotspot functionality, or even worst, they are even charging extra for it. If you don’t want to be worried about that anymore, you just have to use this WiFi Tethering app with your rooted Android device and set it up as a wireless hotspot for other hansdsets. Like that, you can tether other devices to it via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and don’t forget that the app even supports encryption.

11. FolderMount (Free)

FolderMount is an ideal app if you have in mind the idea of removing the internal memory restriction on Android. And we know that this is a necessary thing especially if you have a limited internal storage, so FolderMount creates a partition on your SD card and immediately solves the problems that you are facing.

12. Screencast Video Recorder ($4)

Do you want to record video and audio from the screen of your rooted Android device? This app is the answer to your prayers, being able to offer a high quality MPEG-4 with audio and the frame rate that you are choosing. And you can share your captures directly from the app.

The only bad thing is that this Screencast Video Recorder app does not work on Galaxy Nexus or Tegra 2/3, but all other Android handsets are perfectly compatible, even if we are talking about older versions of Android.

13. Permissions Denied ($4.99)

Permissions Denied lets you look at the permissions for each app on your Android handset and to turn off those ones that you don’t want the app to have. So, it is an ideal choice for those apps that ask for many more permissions than they require. Anyway, you should know that there were once both free and Pro versions, but Permissions Denied is currently available only in the $4.99 version. And this is the one that gives you the advantages of a Pro feature set including the ability to view all applications which use a specific permission (such as reading system logs).

14. GMD GestureControl ($5.56)

If you are also one of those who want something else than the usual Android’s status bar and hope to get more intuitive gesture-based controls on their tablet, this GMD GestureControl app is an ideal choice. By using it, you can you can swipe four fingers right or left to easily cycle through apps, as well as various different gestures to launch and kill apps, GMD GestureControl letting you to create your own custom gestures.

15. Root Call Blocker Pro ($7)

Have you ever been bothered by a call from an unknown number in the middle of the night? You are not the only one in this situation, so $7 is a small price to pay for finally putting an end to that nightmare. Root Call Blocker Pro is an amazing app for blocking specific numbers or simply rejecting unknown numbers. The best part is that on Android rooted devices this thing can be done without even hearing your phone even ringing. And if you are still not convinced, maybe the free trial version we’ll help you take a decision.

Yes, these apps are waiting for you after taking the risk of rooting your Android device. Or are you currently using any of these apps? If you’ve got any other suggestions for root apps that other people should need to know about, then post a comment and share your opinions with us.

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