How to Disable Huawei P20 Pro Navigation Bar

The Huawei P20 Pro handset has made quite an impression, taking the interest away from the Samsung Galaxy S9 and this isn’t an easy thing to do. Today I want to remind you that the Huawei P20 device somehow found the middle ground between Android and the iPhone X and there are a few things to master in order to discover which option best suits your needs.

For example, you can stick with the standard Android navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, or you can choose to remove that and use iPhone X style gestures for getting around the OS. One thing I know for sure is that if you’re looking for a complete full-screen experience, you have no other chance but to remove the Android navigation bar from your P20 Pro right away.

There are a few options to replace it. For example, the fingerprint sensor could become an off-screen navigation key. Like that, you can control your phone with the fingerprint sensor. A single tap acts as the Back button, therefore pressing and holding goes Home, and a swipe to the right opens up all recent apps in a blink of an eye. Pretty simple, right?

Are you pleased by the result? If you aren’t, then be sure that I have another option that provides more screen real estate, just as you dream of. So, here’s what you have to do:

How to Disable Huawei P20 Pro Navigation Bar:

  1. At first, on the home screen, you have to tap Settings;
  2. Now, find your wau into System > System navigation;
  3. It’s time to choose Off-screen navigation button to use the fingerprint sensor as your primary method of navigation;
  4. If you hate the idea of depending upon the fingerprint sensor, then what you have to do is to select the Onscreen Navigation key which creates a single navigation icon at the bottom of the screen. Quite easy too, don’t you think?

If you still need help after this guide, just ask for additional support. That’s my mission here!

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