How to Create an Alarm Reminder on your LG V30

Everyone knows that an alarm clock is useful in reminding us about the important tasks we have to perform on regular basis. Besides that, there is no secret about the fact that a lot of people use the same for waking on time during the morning.

If you are using LG V30, there is nothing to worry as it comes with an alarm clock feature by default

In fact, it is possible to easily create an Alarm Reminder on your LG V30. After all, I bet that you also want to do everything that stays in your power to maintain a regular schedule, a normal sleeping pattern and keep in mind all important meetings and events.

How to Create an Alarm Reminder on your LG V30:

  1. First of all, you have to go to your App screen;
  2. Up next, you have to press the Clock option;
  3. Then, tap on the Create button. These are the options you can configure right away:
  • Time: you must tap on the up and down button to look for the time you want your alarm to activate. Then, just toggle the AM/PM option to set it to your chosen time;
  • Alarm type: you can also select the manner how your alarm would be activated (Vibration, Sound, or Sound and Vibration);
  • Alarm tone: feel free to choose the tone you want to be played when the alarm goes off;
  • Alarm repeat: in order to select the days when the alarm will repeat, just tap them. Tick on the Repeat weekly option if you want to repeat the alarm on those days weekly;
  • Alarm volume: you have to slide it in a leftward or a rightward motion to choose your chosen volume
  • Name: you can even choose to create a name for the alarm you created. For example, if the alarm is set to wake up your kid, you can type in “Wake Up (the kid’s name)” and you will always keep things in order;
  • Snooze: all you must do is to easily toggle the Snooze option to enable or disable it.

As always, you must only press then swipe the “X” sign in any direction to deactivate the alarm.

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