How to Enable Init.d Support on Android

I bet that you are thinking of the latest mods and tweaks for your Android phone, but something might simply stop you. Well, the device keeps asking you if you have Init.d support. As you might know already, the Android system uses a custom init process while booting. init.d is nothing more than a traditional service management package for Linux that runs a bunch of codes during booting process.

What it does in an Android is that it runs codes that are placed inside /system/etc/init.d/ folder. As Android uses Linux kernel it can also support init.d. ROMs by default do not have init.d support, but custom ROMs can have native init.d support.

So, if you have Init.d support on your device, you may easily modify several kernel parameters at boot time, without having to rely on an App to do it or create scripts that will periodically run in the background and do tasks. You can also enable swap at boot or even mount partitions not defined in the device’s fstab at boot.

Knowing all these, I can only imagine that you are ready to verify if you have Init.d support on your ROM. For that, use a root File Manager to navigate to /system/etc and see if there is a folder named init.d inside this directory. If the folder exists, then your ROM most probably packs support for Init.d.

For double checking, you may further use an app for checking whether the ROM is supporting those scripts.

How to Enable Init.d Support on Android:

Are you now ready to enable Init.d support on any ROM? Using an app that emulates the Init.d function is the best choice for all of you, trust me on that. All you need is a device with root support and a certain app that can emulate Init.d.

I am talking aboutUniversal Init.d. This app scripts successfully, except in some isolated cases that the script has to run early in the boot process. It listens to the BOOT_COMPLETED intent of Android Framework just to execute all scripts under /system/etc/init.d directory.

Download the Universal Init.d APK and don’t be shy! Now that you have Init.d support enabled, you can enjoy more tweaks!

Just have fun while exploring!

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