An App that Reads Out Incoming SMS Messages and other App Messages: ReadItToMe

Are you looking for an app reads out your WhatsApp, Hangouts and Telegram Messages? I have no better option for you other than ReadItToMe which reads out your incoming SMS messages and any other app messages, translating txt speak into normal language, and even lets you reply with your voice – completely handsfree!

You can therefore use it while driving, cycling, working out in the gym or any other time you need to be handsfree. Unlike other applications, ReadItToMe can be set to run automatically when you connect to a specific Bluetooth device, Wi-Fi network or when you plug in your headphones, as well as over the speakerphone. You don’t need to manually turn it on and off.

There are though a few minor caveats to ReadItToMe: if your phone is on silent, you won’t hear anything and Bluetooth devices must support A2DP or they won’t function. And there are actually two versions of ReadItToMe: the free one, along with the Pro one available for $2.74 (USD), which offers some tempting extra features: read incoming notifications from other apps, such as WhatsApp Messenger and voice reply for SMS.

How to Use ReadItToMe on Android:

  1. Grab ReadItToMe – read sms, voice reply, handsfree from Google Play. My advice is to tap the free version (best to give the free version a try first and if you like it, then you can purchase the Pro version later);
  2. Launch the app and start experimenting. You will see multiple options on the main page and these are just some of them:
  • Under Apps, you can select which apps to read notifications from which is a paid feature. You will have to allow the app Notification access so that it may read your notifications;
  • You may enable ReadItToMe for a certain app, so tap on the circle in the top-right corner of the app’s card and then, you can select all the features you want to enable;
  • If you tap on SMS & calls, you can select contacts from which calls and messages will be read out loud. You may also select specific contacts, all contacts, or just unknown numbers or everyone;
  • Besides that, ReadItToMe will translate your incoming messages into proper English so you can understand what’s being read and you can even add your own words and translations easily through the UI. The app supports any language as long as your TTS engine (and Voice engine) has that language installed.

Ready to try it out too?

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