Flash Ditto Note 5 ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

As you know, this year Samsung unveiled the 5th iteration of Galaxy Note family and there is no surprise that the latest Galaxy Note device is a huge success for the company. Its design and build are impressive, just as its technical specs and the fact that the Korean manufacturer used its latest TouchWiz UI on this device. Well, the new TouchWiz UI is pretty impressive, so it’s obviously that many other Galaxy users wanted to get their hands on those features. Is this possible for the Galaxy S6 Edge ones? Are you one of them too?

Then, let me tell you that yes, you can flash Ditto Note 5 ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which means that you can easily enjoy all the features of the Galaxy Note 5 model on your own S6 Edge, but I also want to remind you that the method described in this procedure is highly custom and may result in bricking your device (read: How to Easily Unbrick Galaxy S6 Edge).

Even more, your smartphone will void its warranty and you will be no longer eligible for any kind of free device services by the manufacturer/warranty providers. Therefore, act carefully and make no mistake!

The listed custom ROM (which is based on the stock Galaxy Note 5 firmware) is compatible with Samsung S6 Edge only, so don’t apply it on any other phone or tablet. Then, make sure you have the most recent TWRP recovery installed on your device and prepare the computer for the procedure too by having the phone’s drivers installed.

You must fully charge your device or at least to 60%, as the process is a battery consuming one and from the TWRP Recovery, don’t hesitate to take a full backup of your current ROM and files. It’s better to take your time and do that now than regretting skipping this step at a later time.

Before you flash this ROM, make sure that you’ve read and applied all the guidelines explained above. Only then, you are truly ready to begin:

How to Flash Ditto Note 5 ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

  1. Here you can find the Note 5 ROM for your Galaxy S6 Edge;
  2. Also download other optional feature files and addons from the developer’s page;
  3. Connect your handset to your computer by using the original USB cord;
  4. Then , you have to transfer the Zip files to the Internal memory of your device;
  5. It’s time to reboot into TWRP Recovery. To do thatfirst turn off your device and then press and hold volume down and power keys at the same time. If you see the TWRP logo, that means you have booted into recovery;
  6. Here you should perform a nandroid backup. To backup your ROM, tap on backup option in TWRP and select all the partitions including System, Data, Boot, Recovery, EFS;
  7. Swipe right where appropriate in order to backup;
  8. Up next, perform a full wipe. Return to the TWRP main menu and tap the wipe button;
  9. Choose Advanced Wipe followed by Dalvik Cache, System, Data, and Cache. Up next, swipe the confirmation button to wipe;
  10. Now, flash the DN5 ROM file from the install section;
  11. Then, flash the addon too;
  12. After all the steps are completed, just reboot your device.

Done! You have successfully flashed DN5 ROM in the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone! Changes such as the fact that Knox has been removed, Dual Smart Manager with app permission, New Air message, Deodexed & Odex and more are waiting for you!

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