How to Use Galaxy S7 Edge Motion Photo

Samsung has a great habit of introducing new functions and features in accordance to community feedback and the story is no different when it comes to the one that I want to tell you more about. The Galaxy S7 Edge Motion Photo feature is the one that I have in mind and there are big chances for you to like what it has to offer.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge come with this small camera feature called Motion Photo, which is essentially Samsung‘s implementation of a feature that was originally introduced by HTC’s Zoe and later by Apple’s Live Photos as well. With Motion Photo activated, the device that become your companion will do much more than you are expecting it to do: to be more precise, it will take several additional stills each time you want to capture a photo and after that, it will create a GIF that users can view in the camera gallery.

However, you have to do a little digging in order to get to this feature. Motion Photos is tucked away in the camera settings menu, but once you find it, I can assure you of the fact that things are much easier. The second option on the list will be for Motion photo, so don’t hesitate to slide the switch to the On position. Then, get ready!

One, two, three and now, just say Cheese! Motion photo captures the three seconds that happen before you press the shutter on your Galaxy S7  Edge. You can also choose which moment you want to preserve as the still photo and after taking your decision, do not hesitate to share Motion Photo videos by simply tapping the share button and selecting the final destination for the video.

And I want to be clear about the fact that this feature is not like Apple’s Live Photos feature on their latest iPhone devices. Motion Photos captures video before the shutter button is pressed and not before and after the photo is captured as it happen with Apple, but less is better than nothing, so I am not complaining about that.

However, Samsung did not made such a big deal about the feature because people all over the world were likely to call them copycats, but I don’t see this as being an issue. We all get the best from others and the Korean company implemented it so nicely, so enjoy!

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