Google’s Play Protect Is Rolling out to Android Devices

Have you heard that Google began rolling out Play Protect, a new feature part of Google Play designed to look for apps that could harm your Android device and give you more information about your device’s security? Long story short, this comes as a special security package for Android devices consisting of app scanning, browser protection, as well as anti-theft measures, so you should be glad that Google’s Play Protect is rolling out to Android devices.

Let me tell you right from the start the fact that this time the app scanning feature is actually built into any device that comes with the Google Play Store, therefore there is no need to worry about installing it or activating it separately through any complicated procedures.

This is actually an always-on service supposed to scan 50 billion apps per day across a billion Android devices to ensure they are safe. To be more precise, Play Protect automatically scans your Android device to keep your data and the device’s apps safe and sound.

Even more, there are users all over the world talking about the appearance of a new box within the My apps & games under the Updates tab. This encourages you to scan apps for viruses and malware and besides that, a Verified by Play Protect label appear from nowhere too, along with a Play Protect option in the settings found under the hamburger menu.

Not everyone has gotten the update just yet, but trustworthy sources have confirmed the rollout, so be sure that it’s nothing more than a matter of time until getting to you as well. And even if Play Protect’s app scanning feature works automatically, this doesn’t mean that you cannot customize its settings.

For example, you can choose to turn off regular security threat checks by simply entering into Google > Security > Verify Apps in your phone’s settings. And that’s just the beginning, I can assure you of that! Have you discovered any other Play Protect secrets that we should know about?

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