Clear App Cache on your Galaxy S7 Edge

You might own a Galaxy device, but your smartphone is far from being perfect and sometimes, you need to act fast to solve the problems that you are dealing with. This guide is such an example, but when do you have to clear the app cache?

The best reason to clear the cache on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device is when the smartphone glitches or freezes, if it is unresponsive or if it runs slower and slower each day or if you notice something wrong with it. The following is a guide on how to clear the Galaxy S7 Edge cache.

There is often no need to manually manage cached data: Android is very capable of this on its own. Anyway, if a certain app starts to misbehave or stops working, then you may wish to manually take this step and solve the issue. After all, every single app on the Galaxy S7 Edge has its own cache installed on the app the system cache. The app cache is the data that was collected by the app during the time it was used and over time. It’s normal for cache data to fill up the space, so don’t be surprised about these issues with apps crashing or freezing and need to be clean out.

Clearing app cache won’t erase any personal data that was connected with the app, so it is very safe to do as often as people want. Here is how to clear app cache:

How to Clear App Cache on your Galaxy S7 Edge:

  1. For the start, you have to launch the Settings Application;
  2. Scroll Down and Tap on the Applications option;
  3. Then, you need to tap on the Application Manager option at the top;
  4. While being there, you have to choose All apps. There you can find listed all the apps from your S7 Edge smartphone;
  5. Find the name of the application that you suspect as being the issue and choose it;
  6. It will bring to a page that listed complete information and option regarding the specific app. Tap Storage;
  7. After that, tap Clear Cache;
  8. Depending on the size of the cache, this might take some time before the process is complete.

Don’t select the option to Clear Data unless you want to lose all the information that app stores, like your user name, passwords, game progress, preferences, settings and so on. Go there only if the app cache solution has not been useful for your case!

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