Google’s Project Fi is ready for your Android Device

Project Fi is Google’s official program which managed to capture my attention from the very beginning. The idea of  providing fast and easy cellular service directly to phones is more than welcomed, so you must be excited about the fact that Google’s Project Fi is finally ready for your Android Device.

Because of the software and network bands needed, I must tell you though that Project Fi is only available on Google’s own Nexus 6, but I am sure that things won’t remain like that for too long. And if this is the smartphone that you own, then this is your lucky day, so don’t hesitate to find out more about the advantages coming along with this project.

Project Fi works by combining access to both T-Mobile and Sprint, with a SIM card that can actively switch between the two without any user intervention. And no less important, it leans on Wifi and gives you the possibility to call and text whenever you are connected to a Wifi network. There is also a special software on the phone which automatically connects the phone to open Wifi networks to help limit your mobile data usage and that’s not all; besides that, it also routes your traffic through a Google VPN in order to provide a higher connection stability.

Despite of the fact that this service still only works on unlocked Nexus 6 devices, the official Project Fi Android app is getting an update that will help your when it comes to managing your account even easier than ever. To be more precise, if you are already a current Project Fi subscriber and own multiple Android devices, you’re probably aware of the fact that you can only manage your Project Fi account from your unlocked Nexus 6. However, that’s changing with this new update which gives you the chance to manage your accounts from any device running at least on Android 5.1 OS version.

This doesn’t mean that Google is actually prepared for the next step of expanding the service to other devices, but at least there is a hope for that in the future. As for now, users’ accounts can finally be much easier to manage, not to mention that another major advantage of using Project Fi is that you can use the same mobile number across all your devices.

Google’s Project Fi is ready for your Android Devices:

  1. Take Project Fi by Google from here;
  2. Install it on your Nexus 6 device;
  3. To use Project Fi you need to send an invite request and when you have subscribed to it, you can start using it on your device;
  4. If you already are a Project Fi subscriber, then all you have to do is to install Project Fi on all your Android devices and manage your accounts from multiple devices.
  5. For more information about Project Fi and how to sign up, visit Project Fi dedicated website by accessing this link and request an invite.
  6. If you’re a user of Project Fi, you can use the app to:
  • Activate your Project Fi service;
  • Manage your account and settings;
  • Check the data usage;
  • See your monthly statements;
  • Get in touch with support 24/7.

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