Top Ten Cases for LG G5

As great as LG’s G5 may be, there are also plenty of annoying things about it – the fact that the metal parts tend to be prone to scratches, that certain parts of its surface pick up fingerprints like a magnet, that its glass surface is so slippery and the examples may continue. These problems might bother you, I am perfectly aware of that, but they can also be easily taken care of if you use a great case.

Do you want to keep your LG G5 safe from scratches, scuffs and other sort of damages? Then, buy a good case! Given the popularity of this handset, it comes as no surprise that LG G5 cases of all kinds are on sale and people are confused. But in this post, I’ll focus solely on the best looking and toughest models that money can buy.

I’ve put together a guide to show you the best cases available for your device, so don’t hesitate to keep on reading and choosing the best option for you. Whether you think of buying an LG official case or one from Spigen, Verus or other manufacturers – AndroidFlagship has you covered.

Top Ten Cases for LG G5

10. Verus Single Fit Rugged Case
Let me start my presentation with the amazing Verus Single Fit Rugged Case which is designed for compatibility with LG G5 2016 only. If you a want a case that goes for an elegant design with maximum protection, then this should be your choice. Made from high quality and premium Thermoplastic PolyUrethane material, this one manages to both protect and reveal the beauty of your smartphone.

Verus Single Fit Rugged Case

The shock absorbing TPU layer creates a flexible, yet sturdy one-piece cover and those metallic buttons look perfect in combination with the smooth cover. Even more, every hole for functions and buttons has detailed cutouts for the easiest usage. The LG G5 phone is though held very solidly in place, potentially too solid, so I have noticed that once it’s in, it’s hard to take it out if you want to change SD cards or batteries. This is indeed a good sign for protection, but potentially annoying if you exchange batteries instead of charging.

Purchase Verus Single Fit Rugged Case from here.

9. Caseology Wavelength Series Case
This case is able to protect against scratches, scuffs, and or sudden impacts, being patterned with wavelength design and providing excellent grip yet comfortable in the hand. The sturdy TPU Material offers excellent protection from drops, not to mention that the raised lips and backing plate protect the screen and the camera from scratches when laid on flat surfaces.

Caseology Wavelength Series Case

All ports and buttons have precise cutouts for convenience, but there is a small rubber button added to the volume controls which doesn’t work correctly. I first discovered when playing music, I could only turn the volume up – with the lightest of touch, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t turn it down – it just kept turning up to max. I just have to place a fingernail on the very bottom edge of the Volume button to turn the volume down.

Despite of that, I love it. The case fits perfectly, is solid, the texture is so good at the touch, so that is why I included it here too.

Take the Caseology Wavelength Series Case from here.

8. Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case
Let me tell you more about a special TPU case from Cruzerlite. Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case is flexible, so it’s easy to remove, and it’s also slightly translucent. As translucent as it may be, I can assure you of the fact that that this case has tough rubber edges tech-tested to help your LG G5 survive bumps and drops.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

And what makes it stand out is the design on the back, which features the Android mascot, not to mention that it comes in a wide array of colors. The back is mainly matte finish but isn’t as grippy as the sides – this is something that you must be careful about. And I must also mention the cut-outs for your phone’s controls, camera, and ports which are generous, so they don’t interfere with normal use. I initially feared this would bulk my phone up too much, but it didn’t.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case can be bought from here.

7. Ghostek Covert Series Case
If you want a crystal-clear case that’s also very flexible, the Ghostek Covert Series case is ideal for your LG G5. The frame has a metallic sheen, the cut-outs are accurate and there are button covers on the side. The case is quite slim, but Ghostek has decided to make things a little different this time and reinforced the corners with a new angular design.

Ghostek Covert Series Case

Eve more, the cover is easy to take off if you wish to show someone the phone and don’t forget that it comes in no less than 5 colors to choose from: Clear, Dark Gray, Rose Pink, Peach & Gold. Some might say that the end result is hardly rare on the market, but this case is pure minimalism and that is why I love it!

Buy this Ghostek Covert Series Case by entering here.

6. Ballistic Jewel Series Case
I know that mot all of you don’t feel comfortable with the dotted pattern that defines Ballistic’s case, but I am also aware of the fact that many love the transparent cases that let you show off your handset. Even more, this offer solid drop protection, keeping your LG G5 safe from falls of up to 6 feet.

Ballistic Jewel Series Case

The corners are heavily reinforced and extend on the front and back, too, thus ensuring your phone never touches any surface you set it on. The case is flexible and it is very easy to fit and remove, not to mention the precise cut-outs for your phone’s camera, fingerprint sensor, and ports.

Enter here to take Ballistic Jewel Series Case.

5. Noreve Tradition B Leather Case
When you say Noreve, then you think of high-quality, leather cases handcrafted in France. This Noreve Tradition B Leather Case for your LG G5 is no exception; just open up the cover and you’ll immediately see no less than two slots for stowing your credit card and your ID, along with a larger money pocket on the back.

Noreve Tradition B Leather Case

The cover texture feels pleasing to the touch and be sure that it offers good grip. The shell holds your LG G5 snugly in place, and there are openings for easy access to your phone’s ports and controls. You can also find cut-outs for the speaker in the front and for the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back. A magnetic closure ensures the padded cover remains securely closed when you want it to. So, I am really impressed with the quality, fit and protection. This adds just the right amount of protection where it is needed and still allows my phone to fit comfortably in my front pocket.

Access this link to buy the Noreve Tradition B Leather Case.

4. Tech21 Evo Check Case
This Tech21 Evo Check Case is one of those models that can truly offer protection around the frame of your LG G5, where you need it the most. Featuring the company’s FlexShock unique hybrid material, the case can absorb, dissipate and repel impact force.

Tech21 Evo Check Case

And you don’t only get high durability, but also a small form factor since the case offers up to 30% thinner and 60% lighter than other cases offering similar protection. The phone doesn’t slip at all when placed down on a flat surface, so the Tech21 Evo Check Case is perfect for watching videos and the like. And all its precise cuts make accessing all of your LG’s ports and functions as easy as it should be. As it happens in life, I accidentally dropped my phone from about 3 feet and it landed just fine thanks to this case. So, I am pretty much convinced that choosing it was a wise decision!

Buy Tech21 Evo Check Case from here.

3. Spigen Wallet Case Cover
Speaking of protection, that hasn’t been overly compromised to deliver a stylish finish in Spigen’s Wallet Case Cover case. Well, this time you have a premium synthetic leather and a polycarbonate casing that looks fantastic and takes care of your LG G5 at the same time.

Spigen Wallet Case Cover

The case also features three slots for securing your cards, an interior pocket for storage like money and other important notes. The case can be used for viewing or watching your favorite videos in a landscape mode and even more, it can be secured by a reversible Magnetic Clip to hold cover when open or closed. No less important, it comes with some unique patented materials that will never interfere with your handset’s signal quality, Wi-Fi or sensors.

Buy the Spigen Wallet Case Cover from this link.

2. Case-Mate Tough Case
Has anyone else noticed the tendency of preserving the feel and look of a smartphone? That’s what this case is all about, proving that a curated look, with less obvious sparkle is a definite trend that will keep on going for many years.

Case-Mate Tough Case

To start, the Case-Mate Tough Case is plain black, but the finish is textured with a kind of diamond pattern that adds some grip. The cut outs for the camera, fingerprint sensor, and ports are exact and line up just right. The case is super easy to put on, it just slips right over the phone and even more, this is also a dual-layer case, so it can handle bumps and falls. The only real detail, save for the subtle Case-Mate logo on the back, is the metallic button cover for the volume controls. And I can assure you that the case fits perfectly.

Case-Mate Tough Case can be bought from here.

1. LG Quick Cover Case
The LG Quick Cover Case is a great choice which works and looks fantastic and does even more than what a case should do. Some might say that it is basic in terms of protection, but LG’s Quick Cover truly protects your phone, there are no doubts about that!

LG Quick Cover Case

Besides that, it offers some seriously handy functionality and it protects the screen from damage. Your G5 snaps into place in a thin shell and as you can see, there’s a pretty big window in the front cover for at-a-glance information on the time, date, notifications, even when the case is closed. The metallic finish also supports touch (how cool can that be?) and it’s semi-transparent, so you can easily swipe to take a call or turn off an alarm without opening it.

All the cutouts for the charging port, microphones, cameras and volume rockers are correct and the case doesn’t get in the way of using the fingerprint scanner, but it actually makes it easier to enjoy your LG G5 smartphone. This is why this LG Quick Cover Case is my top choice!

Buy your LG Quick Cover Case from here right away.

With these being said, I hope that I managed to help you. It doesn’t matter if you’re into robust cases or look for a a sleek and stylish one as the phone itself, but you can see that there’s something out there for everyone. I am just curious: which one is your choice?

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