Bring a Flavour of the OnePlus 7 Pro to your OnePlus 5T: OnePlus Camera 3.2.91

I remember what I said while first seeing the new OnePlus 7 Pro device. I have noticed from the start that something very important is missing from the OnePlus 7 Pro. The front-facing camera lens. of course. But there’s no need for selfie fans to panic, as the front-facing camera is still there. It’s just hidden from view. And for a clean look, there’s a vertically stacked triple-lens camera system on the back of the phone, with a dual LED flash and OnePlus’ logo underneath.

Version 3.2.91 of the OnePlus Camera app is amazing too. Like any major camera update, you can expect getting the very best. This includes improved image quality in HDR scenarios and improved image quality in low light, fixed white balance issue in several scenarios and focus issue, but not only.

So, I bet that you do want a taste of that on your older OnePlus 5T. I have big news for you today. Be sure that you can have it.

Pixel-like Google Lens integration, a new settings menu and new carousel interface

The Camera app has Pixel-like Google Lens integration now. OnePlus has decided to remove the dedicated Lens icon from the interface and make the artificial intelligence (AI) powered feature accessible simply when you tap and hold anywhere on the viewfinder. You’ll see the coloured circle animation that confirms the processing of information.

And if you’ve enabled the Smart Content Detection, the app runs the Google Lens service in the background and can provide results even when the device is offline. Even more, there are also clickable suggestions that you can click to visit certain URLs or dial phone numbers directly using the OnePlus Camera app.

The updated Camera app also has a new settings menu that has removed the Smile Capture feature. You can find though a new Customised modes option. Here you may choose which modes you want to add to the bar sitting next to the viewfinder.

As for the new carousel interface for the Collections tab, it divides collections into four different types, namely My device, App collections, My collections, and Others. The My device section keeps all the photos and screenshots stored on your device, while the App Collections one includes images and videos created and saved by third-party apps. It also includes folders such as Bluetooth and Movies. When it comes to the My collections section, this one includes all your favourite shots. At the same time, the Others section consists of all your recently deleted photos.

Don’t all these sound amazing? And you are about to enjoy them even if no OnePlus 7 Pro sits on your hand.

Get the OnePlus Camera 3.2.91 APK

The new app really brings a flavour of the OnePlus 7 Pro to your old smartphone, so what do you think of it? Do you like it as well?

And remember that some of the new features include Zen Mode, NightScape 2.0, or native screen recorder functionality, so there is much more to enjoy from this device.

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