Switch the Position of the Navigation Buttons on Galaxy S9

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 was the first Samsung phone with on-screen navigation buttons and this came as a big change for the company and its users too! By default, though, the Galaxy S8 puts those virtual buttons in the same position as Samsung’s older phones, with the “back” button to the right of the “home” button, and the “multitasking” button to the left.

If you’ve bought the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and you find yourself not being able to adjust well to the new order of the navigation buttons, you’re not alone. Even more, if the Galaxy S9 is your first Samsung handset, it may take some time getting used to having the Back button on the right of the Home button, and Recent’s to the left.

Thanks to the buttons being purely on-screen, there you can choose to switch the buttons around to where many people think they should be – Recents on the right and Back to the left of the Home button.

Luckily, changing the order of the software buttons is not at alla complicated thing to do on your device, so you should better waste no more time:

Switch the Position of the Navigation Buttons on Galaxy S9:

  1. First of all, from the home screen, you have to swipe down to reveal the notification shade;
  2. Tap on the Settings button (cog icon);
  3. Then, you need to tap on Display;
  4. Scroll down and tap on Navigation bar menu;
  5. You have to tap on Button layout in order to choose the new layout. There you have it! And don’t forget that the Navigation bar settings also offers the option to customize the background color of the bar and adjust the home button sensitivity.

Now, let your mind open up to the idea of navigating Android just as Google intended. Have you experimented with switching up the button placement? Let me know in the comments below and don’t hesitate to ask for help in case of needing it! This is why I am here for.

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