Improve Galaxy S9 Touch Sensitivity

Your Galaxy S9 device might be protected by Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back, but that doesn’t mean the glass won’t ever crack. You should better use a case to protect the back, as well a screen protector to prevent a shattered screen or simple scratches, even if Samsung does not manufacture screen protectors. You must buy screen protectors or tampered glass from third parties.

Since most of the screen protectors have adhesives at the edges only, and Samsung Galaxy S9 has a curved screen, they don’t seem to adhere fully to the screen. Even if it may seem that the screen protector fits perfectly, you should think twice before saying that you found the perfect solution.

If you do apply a screen protector and that screen protector you put on your shiny new Galaxy S9 is making it harder than ever to interact with your display and to generally use the phone, it isn’t only happening to you. However, you can increase the screen sensitivity to make things a little easier.

Improve Galaxy S9 Touch Sensitivity:

  1. To access this menu, you must head to Settings;
  2. Then, go to Advanced Features;
  3. After that, go to Touch Sensitivity (it’s hidden at the bottom of the menu) as it’s time to toggle it on. It increases the touch sensitivity, making the screen more reactive even with a screen protector applied over the display.

However, you’re only going to want to turn the feature on if you have a screen protector on the phone that’s giving you issues. Otherwise, you should have no clear reason for doing that and you can simply enjoy the handset as it is. There are also a few exceptions. Some users are already complaining that they have to push really hard on their screen to make it work, while for others, pulling down the notification bar from the top is a complicated process, but I certainly hope that it is not your case, at least not so soon.

If the sensitivity problem persists even after that, it might be a hardware issue. In such a case, you have to take the Galaxy S9 smartphone to a Samsung Store and request a replacement.

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